If you have water in your basement or bowing foundation walls you've probably heard the term "hydrostatic pressure." Hopefully, your contractor explained this to you appropriately. But while you might have an idea of what hydrostatic pressure is, it's important to know why it matters - especially when you're contemplating waterproofing or foundation repair projects that can greatly affect the value of your home.

So, why does hydrostatic pressure matter? Well, at its most basic, hydrostatic pressure is just water pressure. In the case of waterproofing and foundation repair, it's water pressure pushing in and up against your foundation walls and concrete slab floors. Because concrete is porous - as are concrete blocks, bricks, clay blocks and cinder blocks - if the pressure from water outside your foundation elements is high enough water will begin to enter your home. If the pressure becomes great enough, it can bow or even collapse foundation walls.

Waterproofing solutions like sump pumps, below-floor drains and baseboard drains help to keep your basement dry when hydrostatic pressure increases. Instead of seeping water free flowing down your walls or over your flooring it's redirected into these drain systems and is then pumped up and out of your home by the sump pump.

Foundation repair options like wall anchors or PowerBraces help combat the inward pressure that causes foundation walls to bow or buckle due to water-saturated soils. These systems use the strength of carbon fiber and steel, or the rigidity of virgin soils to help prevent future wall movement; giving your home a solid, stable foundation it had to begin with.

Hydrostatic pressure also varies by season. Rainy weather or a large spring thaw can greatly increase pressure while drier seasons will see lesser amounts of pressure. Ultimately, there's no way to stop hydrostatic pressure from occurring, so homeowners have to find a way to mitigate and redirect its effects.

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