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If you have a bowing basement wall or serious foundation cracks, then a wall anchor system could be the best solution for your foundation, but not necessarily the look of your basement.

Wall anchors are steel plates fitted to the interior of your basement walls, capped with an adjustment nut and attached with a steel rod to another steel anchor plate placed in compacted ground outside your house. The basement wall plate, the adjustment nut and the steel rod that connects it may interfere, physically or visually, with work you have done or intend to do in making your basement a comfortable living space.

The patented Hide-A-Way wall anchor cover system is a simple and elegant solution to hiding wall anchors in your basement. A durable, removable plastic cover overlays the plate, hiding the wall anchor and giving that space a sleeker, unobtrusive look. The covers can be easily cleaned and removed, so wall anchors can be adjusted or tightened as needed. The covers themselves can be painted and customized to closely match your basement wall finish, with no disruption to any current or past work. Wall anchor covers are a more visually appealing solution that fit well in finished basements. Thrasher designed and offers the industry-leading, patented Supportworks Hide-A-Way Wall Anchor solution, providing the finishing touch to your wall anchor repair system.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Although not a necessity, if you are aiming to finish or use your basement, its recommended you install wall anchor covers. Steel plates with threaded rods and adjustment nuts are strong foundation repair tools, but they do stick out and they will need to be accessed. That might interfere with how you want your basement to look or to be used, something a wall anchor cover nicely fixes.

  • Wall anchor covers should be removable and cleanable and are generally made of a hard plastic. However, they can be covered to look like almost any material, matching painted drywall or wallpaper, even stone, ceramic, or marble. Thrasher uses the Supportworks Hide-A-Way Wall Anchor Cover solution with a low-profile design and snap-on functionality.

  • Attaching wall anchor covers is a straight-forward process, with two parts. The first part is installing the cover opening and base around the steel plate, making sure to surround it, but also allowing easy access for adjustments. Often times the base is placed in basement drywall. The second part, the covering plate, will simply snap to the opening and conceal any signs of the wall anchor. No excavation, no large equipment, and no hassle involved.

  • Since the wall anchor cover functions in two parts, the covering plate can be removed like a lid when pulled. From there, any adjustments you wish to make to the tightening nut on the anchor can freely be made. Then, just as simply, the plate can be snapped back on to hide the construction again.

  • Regardless of how much of your basement is finished, wall anchor covers are a good addition for keeping wall anchors properly covered and protecting against any other activity in your basement that might come into contact with wall anchors, making your basement more visually friendly and practically useful.

  • Thrasher developed, patented and licensed the Supportworks Hide-A-Way Wall Anchor Cover Systems to foundation repair experts across the country with thousands and thousands of installations. It has a simplistic, snap-on design allowing for easy access at all times. If you're looking for an easy solution with durability and style, the Hide-A-Way Wall Anchor Cover System is for you.

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