SmartDrain - Plumbing Leak System to Protect Your Crawl Space

Tuesday, March 8th, 2016 by Thrasher

SmartDrain Crawl Space Plumbing Leak Detection

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A crawl space is a place that you don't want to visit often. Even when encapsulated and conditioned with a dehumidifier, it isn't usually a place that is easily accessible. That makes it even more likely for a plumbing leak to go unnoticed for extended periods. Even a small leak in a pipe can cost you a lot of wasted water and create an environment for mold, mildew, wood rot, and nasty odors.

If you have a sump pump like our SmartSump, you already have an alarm system and a way for water to be evacuated. In some cases where a crawlspace doesn't have an issue with groundwater, a vapor barrier can be installed without a sump pump. A sump pump is always your safest bet if you do end up with a groundwater issue, but the added cost may not be worth the reduction in risk for some homeowners.

That is where the SmartDrain comes in. The SmartDrain alerts the homeowner to a plumbing SmartDrainlead with an audible alarm and drains the water away into drywall under the CleanSpace until you can fix the plumbing leak. This is a minimal investment to alert you of the risk of flooding out your crawlspace and having a more significant problem to solve.

A plumbing leak can go unnoticed for months or years in a dirt crawl space because the water saturates the soil under your home, causing mold and rot. When your crawl space is encapsulated with a vapor barrier like CleanSpace, a plumbing leak can fill your crawl space like a swimming pool. The SmartDrain will alert you to a plumbing leak with an audible alarm and drain the water away into a drywell under the CleanSpace until you can fix the plumbing leak.

The cover's engineered shape makes water flow to an alarm pocket first, then into a special floor drain that allows water to go down but won't allow damp air up into the crawlspace. The SmartDrain also protects you against costly property damage from undetected plumbing leaks.

SmartDrain and WaterWatch Alarm

An audible alarm is a must-have for any sump pump system. It is also wise to have an alarm that alerts you to have a water heater leak or any other potential leak. In a crawl space, any of these potential flood events is possible.

All of our sump pump systems come with a WaterWatch Alarm that acts as a high water alarm.

This alerts you that you have one of 3 problems:

  • Your pump isn't pumping because it doesn't have power.
  • Your pump has a mechanical problem.
  • Your pump can't keep up with the amount of water.

This is very a very important feature of a sump pump to ensure you are protected.

Batter back-up pumps like UltraSump are also recommended to keep your pump operational during a power outage or primary pump failure.

A traditional high-water alarm isn't the right solution when it comes to your crawl space. A plumbing leak would flow into the sump pump and get pumped outside without ever sounding the alarm. This could go on for months or years without you ever knowing. When it comes to your crawlspace, we need an alarm that will sound if water from a plumbing leak runs into the sump pump through the floor drain.

The SmartDrain has a unique lid design, so water from a plumbing leak fills an alarm pocket on the lid first, sounding the alarm. It then allows the water to run through the airtight floor drain and into a drywell underneath. This buys you time while you arrange for the plumbing leak to be fixed.

Detect even the smallest plumbing leak with the help of SmartDrain, the alert system that notifies the homeowner of a leak while also drains the water away.

Smart Drain Brochure

Read the brochure>>