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Concrete Repair in Blue Eye, MO

Homeowner Doug noticed his front porch walkway dropped a few inches, creating a major tripping hazard. He saw a few Thrasher commercials and called us to come out and inspect. Design System Specialist Zach Hodges went to his home to figure out a solution for his concrete problem. After inspection, Zach found the front porch walkway concrete had dropped about 3 inches and also found very large voids from the side of the front porch and the garage approach. After looking at these problem areas, we determined to use PolyLevel to lift and level and then use Nexus Pro to seal the joints. Doug was so happy with the results he recommended us to his brother to repair his concrete as well!

Concrete Settlement in Front of Garage in Shell Knob, MO

Anytime James would pull his car into the garage of his home in Shell Knob, MO there would be a big dip that he would have to drive over each time. He was worried that the settlement would get worse and affect other parts of the driveway. He started researching driveway repair options and came across Thrasher. After reading some great customer reviews, he decided to give us a call to learn more about our approach.

The Thrasher crew went out to James’s home. During the inspection, the slab in front of the driveway had dropped 3.5 inches. We explained to James the benefits of our 3-part concrete protection system and got to work. We leveled the concrete with PolyLevel, then closed the joints with NexusPro Joint Sealant and then applied SealantPro to protect the whole driveway.

Concrete Repair in Lathrop, MO

This family noticed that their driveway concrete slabs were sinking, cracking and getting worse. Beneath their driveway, water from rain and melting snow was gradually washing away the soil that supported the concrete slabs, allowing them to sink into voids and crack under its own weight. Fortunately the homeowners called Thrasher while the problem could still be repaired, and we injected Polylevel polyurethane foam beneath the slabs to lift, level and provide the necessary support. Now the homeowners have the peace of mind that comes from knowing their concrete won't be hurting their curb appeal.

PolyLevel and NexusPro Joint Sealant level driveway in Blue Springs, MO

About 7 years ago Elaine H. had her driveway mudjacked, she started to notice the same area that was mudjacked was starting to settle. After having a bad experience with a previous contractor, she was hesitant to bring another one out. Her neighbor had work done with us and recommend she give us a call.

System Design Specialist Ryan Galt went out to the home and was able to identify a solution. The joints in the driveway where to wide, which was allowing water to go under the slab and cause it to sink in the same spot that the mudjacking had occurred. We used PolyLevel and NexusPro Joint Sealant to seal up the joins and life the concrete back up, so it was all smooth and level

Concrete Repair in Independence, MO

Cheryl is going to sell her house in a few years and is getting ready to get a maximum property value. She called Thrasher to get her driveway fixed without replacing it all. When researching which concrete repair company to work with, she decided on us because of our professionalism and solution-oriented approach. She liked that we gave her different options and solutions to her problems. System Design Specialist, Josh Krestine, went to her home to get to the root of the problem. Upon inspection, he found that Cheryl had a sinking landing due to poor soil compaction around the house, which created a significant step up to her front door. Other driveway areas were cracking and falling as the water entered cracks and eroded the soil from underneath the concrete. 

To fix these issues, we used a waterproof polymer foam to level all her concrete. Next, we used NexusPro to seal all cracks and joints to make them more stable and keep water from getting underneath. Then, for the final touch, we power washed and sprayed SealantPro to act as a protectant and keep the driveway from eroding due to water and temperature changes. This gave her driveway new life!

Cheryl, in the beginning, was very worried she'd have to replace the concrete and, honestly, didn't think we would be able to repair it. But we did and were able to do it at a fraction of the total replacement price.

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