Foundation Crack Repair in Lenexa, KS

Lenexa, Kansas homeowner, had a considerable concern with his driveway. It was a 6-inch large drop in front of his garage. Shocked about his discovery, he researched local concrete mud jacking companies. Among the mix of local Kansas City Metro experts was Thrasher Foundation Repair. 

Thrasher, a skilled expert with lifting and leveling concrete, came to the rescue. Once the free inspection date was set, the homeowner received an information packet which included About Us, The Thrasher Difference, Same Day Savings and a concrete repair science book. Although mud jacking or slab jacking was researched, it was not the method used for this homeowner. Let me explain why.

Thrasher used a total of 6.5 cubic yards of material to lift 3 sections of the driveway to match the garage, and 3 sections of the sidewalk to match the driveway.

Traditional mudjacking uses local soil or sand blend, mixed with water and cement, which is heavy and messy when installed through a hole the size of a soda can. Since this mixture is heavy, it can settle the soil after it’s been installed, and you are right back at the beginning. This mixture can also wash out over time, causing the slab to settle back down unlevel. Which means more time spent with a contractor and more money.

During the free inspection with System Design Specialist, homeowners can expect a thorough examination and a detailed explanation of the concrete leveling solution. A common reason for sinking concrete in the soil. Poorly compacted, dry soil is the cause of this large drop in the front of the driveway. During the 60-minute free inspection, System Design Specialist educates the homeowner about the PolyLevel method and warranties and transparent pricing to meet the homeowner’s specific needs. 

Technology and methods for lifting and leveling have come a long way in the last five years. At Thrasher Foundation Repair, we use PolyLevel® for concrete leveling because it’s a fast and effective way to lift and stabilize sinking concrete. Polylevel is a lightweight, strong high-density polyurethane foam developed by our sister company Supportworks and only available to an exclusive network of foundation and concrete repair contractors. It lifts and supports concrete slabs without adding weight to the soil beneath, and it’s waterproof so that it won’t wash out or dry out like traditional mudjacking material. It’s environmentally friendly, too, with no environmentally harmful chemical leaching. Concrete leveling with PolyLevel expanding foam not only raises concrete slabs but also compacts the soil around them, creating a stable environment that will ensure that your driveway, patio or pool deck remains level into the foreseeable future. If it would sink back down, Thrasher makes it right. 

Thrasher offers several levels of protection, filling all cracked concrete and control joints with NexusPro joint sealant. Then, the whole surface is protected from the elements with a coat of SealantPro. ™, which permanently bonds to your concrete. 

Our Lenexa, KS homeowner hired Thrasher to strategically injected PolyLevel under the slab and raised it to level with the garage floor. First, the Team leader does a walk-through of the work scope, setting an expectation for the lift with the homeowner and answering all questions or concerns. 

Once work is started, the crew will drill penny size holes strategically in the sunken slab to prep for a level lift. Polylevel injects new, structurally engineered material into any hidden voids to stop and reverse settlement. This is a skilled craft. Each team member goes through classroom training, learning about the mixture and process, then hands-on training with a seasoned Team Lead or Manager. 

Once the work is complete, the driveway and garage can be driven on within 24 hours. The team leader does a final walk through with the homeowner before collecting the final payment. 

Lenexa homeowner was beyond please with the work Thrasher did. The precise execution of the lift and level was perfect! The cleanup of the crew was as if no work had been done in the first place. This Lenexa homeowner is please they went with PolyLevel vs. traditional mudjacking or slab jacking. 

If you have concrete slabs that are significantly cracked, have voids beneath the slabs, or are sloping towards your home or building, it’s time to consult a PolyLevel Expert. PolyLevel is a much more cost-effective alternative to concrete replacement. 

Contact Thrasher Foundation Repair HERE. Each of our inspections comes at no obligation, and it includes a written concrete repair estimate. To schedule your free inspection, call or email us today! We proudly serve Kansas City, Lenexa, Olathe, Blue Springs, Topeka, St. Joseph, Wichita, Hays, Clay Center, and communities in Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas and Missouri.  

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