Gutter Replacement in Andover, KS

Charity H. is a homeowner in Andover, KS and was fed up with water seeping into her basement every time it rained. She became concerned with the damage water could cause on the foundation of her home. Needing a permanent and quality solution, she gave Thrasher a call.

 System Design Specialist Robert Griffin arrived at the scene to perform and inspection on the home. After investigating the exterior of the house, it was obvious the size and quality of the gutters were the issue. They weren’t large enough to handle the capacity of water needed to prevent them from overflowing and washing out the soil against the foundation. In addition, the downspouts hadn’t been maintained and were also contributing to the erosion of soil every time it rained. To combat this issue, Robert designed a gutter shutter system specifically for this home and buried the downspouts to drain the water effectively. In addition, our team added wide mouth outlets to the downspout for increased flow and prevention of any bottlenecks in the system.

 Charity was thrilled with her new gutter system’s appearance and functionality. She was impressed with our variety of solutions and dedication to her well-being. She now has confidence that her basement will stay dry every time rain is on the forecast.

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