No Gutters on Home in Andover, KS

Ron has been experiencing foundation settlement throughout his home. The biggest culprit? His house has no gutters. Even though his home is over 40 years old, it has never had gutters installed. This is shocking because a gutter's sole purpose is to keep water away from your home to prevent the water from entering the soil and disrupting your foundation.

Ron knew it was time to do something about it. He called Thrasher, and we sent System Design Specialist, Jason White, to take a look and come up with a solution. 

Upon inspection, it was clear that roof water was falling directly next to the foundation due to the lack of gutters. This water was then pooling around the foundation and getting into the crawl space, causing multiple issues. So to fix this significant problem, we installed a complete GutterShutter system with buried downspouts to control the roof water and properly divert it away from the home. 

Now, Ron's home is looking fresh with its new gutters! And most importantly, Ron no longer has to worry about water affecting his home's foundation.

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