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Foundation Experts Trusted For 45+ Years

Are your basement walls bowing or leaking? Have you seen cracks in your foundation? These are signs of a damaged foundation. Luckily, Thrasher Foundation Repair offers industry-leading foundation repair solutions for your Kansas City foundation. As a member of the renowned Foundation Supportworks network, we take pride in ensuring your home is safe for years to come. Our skilled technicians offer a no cost, no obligation estimate. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Expert Foundation Repair Services in Kansas City

Foundation Repair in Kansas City, MO
Trusted foundation repair experts, proudly serving Kansas City for 45+ years.

Thrasher Foundation Repair understands how the changing seasons, moisture levels and fluctuating temperatures of Kansas City can cause the soil beneath your foundation to expand and contract, causing hydrostatic pressure to put stress on the foundation. Our expert team of structural engineers offer patented, state-of-the-art foundation repair solutions for your Kansas City home.

  • Wall repair systems: We offer anchor systems, carbon fiber wall straps, braces and many other foundation wall solutions. These systems will fix your cracked, bowing, or buckling walls, preventing moisture from entering your home.
  • Foundation piers: Helical piers or push piers will repair sinking floors with a fast installation time. They won’t disrupt your home during installation and are the ideal solution to restore your home to its original level.
  • Crawl space repair: A clean, dry crawl space is essential to a safe foundation. We offer vapor barriers, crawl space encapsulation, dehumidification, and structural support solutions.
  • LintelLift garage lintel repair: Cracks above your garage door or signs of bowing or sagging of the garage door header are signs that your garage door lintel is defective. Our LintelLift is a fast, one-day installation product that permanently straightens your garage lintel.

Typical Foundation Problems in Kansas City

The soil beneath your foundation must remain strong and load-bearing to support your home.

  • Soil stability may decrease over time, causing issues such as a cracked or sunken foundation.
  • Your Kansas City foundation can crack and leak due to heavy rainfall and structural damage, leaving you with a wet basement or crawl space.
  • Interior cracks may appear above window or door frames.
  • Dangerous stair-step cracks may appear along walls.
  • Crawl spaces and floors may sag throughout your home.
  • Chimneys may lean and create a gap between your chimney and home.

We offer foundation wall repair solutions that come equipped with stellar warranties. Our skilled technicians can permanently stabilize your home, repair your foundation cracks, level your house and seal your concrete all with immediate results. Contact us today to schedule your free estimate!

Free Kansas City Foundation Repair Estimates

With over 45 years of experience, Thrasher Foundation Repair is the right choice for your foundation repair needs. We offer state-of-the-art products to be installed by expert foundation repair technicians. We are proudly serving Kansas City, MO and nearby. Contact us today to schedule your free estimate!

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Recent job requests in Kansas City

Neighborhood: Oak Street, Kansas City, 64114

Garage slab is cracked and uneven. One corner of our home is 1/2 to 1.4 inches lower due to the garage issue. We've had measurements taken and other consults but would like other opinions as well

Neighborhood: Oak Street, Kansas City, 64113

Have lived in my home for two years, have recently noticed material sinking in the kitchen / dining room (North side of the house) and related minor settling / cracking in other parts of the house.

Neighborhood: Lydia Ave, Kansas City, 64131

I have some sinking concrete on back patio, garage slab and also driveway and am investigating options.

Neighborhood: Kansas City, 64152

There are large cracks in the walls and ceilings. Doors are having difficulty closing

Neighborhood: N Charlotte ST, Kansas City, 64155

Driveway slab in front of garage door needs to be lifted.

Neighborhood: Kansas City, 64138

Water sealing

Neighborhood: Kansas City, 64118

My foundation has a large crack visible from the outside. Another smaller crack on a different part as well.

Neighborhood: Kansas City, 64116

Cracks in drywall

Neighborhood: Kansas City, 64119

Sinking/cracking driveway and some cracking at main door entrance

Neighborhood: Moats, Kansas City, 64133

I need a quote on foundation repair. Wall is leaning and there are cracks

Neighborhood: Kansas City, 64131

Bowed wall and sinking wall

Neighborhood: N Wayne Place, Kansas City, 64155

Sunken driveway and front steps

Neighborhood: Kansas City, 64152

Neighborhood: N. Woodland, Kansas City, 64118

Heavy rains cause water to come into my basement

Neighborhood: Woodside Avenue, Kansas City, 64133

Cracks in drywall, water in basement, cracks in concrete

Neighborhood: N Kentucky Ave, Kansas City, 64157

My driveway is starting to settle a little bit. I dug up a small area next to the driveway to ensure a water sprinkler was not leeking and i was able to stick a piece of wood 6 feet long under the driveway. I did a half circle and never hit anything. If i had to guess, the gap between the driveway and soil beneath was 6 inches

Neighborhood: Kansas City, 64116

Leveling concrete sidewalk and steps.

Neighborhood: Kansas City, 64131

My driveway is sinking on one side as well as my walkway from the street and from the driveway to my front door has cracks as well.

Neighborhood: N Farley Ave, Kansas City, 64157

Need driveway mud jacked.

Neighborhood: Hardesty Ave, Kansas City, 64137

A couple of doors are not closing properly, My garage doors wont close properly due to cracks in the garage floor. crack in the wall.