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Thrasher Foundation Repair is proud to offer the very best home services in Springfield and the surrounding areas, including the following:

Thrasher Foundation Repair’s Local Service Offering:

  • Foundation Repair
  • Basement Waterproofing
  • Concrete Repair & Leveling
  • Crawl Space Repair & Encapsulation
  • And more!

Thrasher Foundation Repair is proud to be Springfield’s premier foundation repair, basement waterproofing, and concrete repair professionals. We’ve been providing the very best services for homes and homeowners since 1975, remediating the woes of sinking foundations, cracked concrete, wet basements, and more.

We offer no-cost, no-obligation estimates to folks in the Queen City of the Ozarks and the surrounding areas. When you need to get the job done right, we’re the folks to call!

Springfield - We’re Ready to Serve You!

Springfield is known as the gateway to the great outdoors, and for good reason. Our city lies in the southwestern corner of Missouri, nestled cozily between Stockton Lake to the northwest, Lake of the Ozarks to the north, and the Bull Shoals to Beaver Lake chain in the south. We’re truly blessed by the combination of hills and flatlands, dense forests and wide-open fields, lakes, rivers, streams, and all that makes the state of Missouri an outdoor destination for tourists across the country. With abundant hiking, hunting, fishing, and boating possibilities, it’s no surprise that Bass Pro Shops calls Springfield their corporate home base.

Our city grew out of the westward movement of European-American settlers in the early and mid-1800s. A man named John Polk Campbell was the first to stake a claim in the Springfield area, which became a part of Greene County in 1833. After decades of development, telegraph lines came to Springfield from the East Coast, and the city became an important communications hub as messages carried westward were translated and wired back to the larger cities on the eastern seaboard. We’ve grown in size and population ever since, slowly but steadily becoming home to some 168,000 people. Thrasher Foundation Repair is thrilled to continually deliver the very best in foundation repair, concrete repair, and basement waterproofing services to the people of Springfield.

Despite being a tremendous place to live, homeowners in the Springfield area can still find their homes in need of repairs. While the causes of foundation damage, concrete deterioration, and water infiltration can vary widely, Springfield is known to receive roughly seven more inches of rain than the national average. Even when it isn’t raining in the summer months, the humidity can easily make it feel as though it were. At Thrasher Foundation Repair, we’re prepared to handle any situation involving foundations, basements, and concrete in need of repairs. Our experts are on standby to receive your call, and we'll happily provide you with a no-cost, no-obligation estimate for any of our services.

Testimonials From Springfield
I was absolutely thrilled that I can sell my house without any issues! Brock did an amazing job!
Testimonial by Sandra H. from Springfield, MO
We feel so much better about our rental property knowing the floors are solid again. It's a great investment and we are glad the crew could help maintain it.
Testimonial by Jaci and Nick M. from Springfield, MO
We love it! The solutions were amazing and we're so glad it's fixed.
Testimonial by Cathy and Charles Y. from Springfield, MO
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Foundation repair specialists in Springfield

At Thrasher Foundation Repair, we know foundation repair. We’ve been in the business for more than 45 years, and have honed a specific skill set to handle any of your home’s needs.

Stair-step foundation crack

Your home’s foundation is its most important structural component and is the very first part of your home to be built. Damages to a foundation emerge over time and can be caused by a variety of environmental and time-related factors. In Springfield and throughout the South, our soil is typically composed of clay loam. Clay soils are often rich in nutrients but pose a danger to foundation health in the wrong conditions. Clay soils are expansive and will swell when exposed to excess moisture. This expansion can cause a phenomenon known as heave, where uplift pressures force the upward movement of foundation components. When the clay soil contracts after drying, the voids left behind can lead to a weakening of the soil and possibly to the settlement of the foundation.

No matter the cause of the foundation damage, Thrasher Foundation Repair can help. We can fix current damages and prepare your home for avoiding future risks, offering services ranging from crack stitching to full structure lifting and leveling.

For your no-cost, no-obligation foundation repair estimate in Springfield, call us today!

Foundation Problems We Fix:

  • Foundation settlement & sinking
  • Sticking windows & doors
  • Tilting chimneys
  • Tilting & bowing walls
  • Cracked foundation walls & floors
  • Collapsing retaining walls
  • Sagging crawl space
  • Uneven floors
  • Sagging garage door lintels

Our Foundation Repair Products:

  • Crawl space support posts
  • Push piers & helical piers
  • Wall anchors
  • Street creep repairs
  • Foundation wall brace & beams
  • Carbon fiber wall straps
  • Foundation settlement repair
  • Foundation crack repair

Lasting crawl space repair & encapsulation in Springfield

Like a foundation, your home’s crawlspace is a vital structural component of your home. It’s not flashy like a top-of-the-line kitchen, nor is it comfortable like your living room, but it trumps all other indoor spaces in terms of importance to your home’s longevity.

Crawl space jack stands

Crawl spaces can be dirty, musty, damp areas beneath your floor. Without proper care, you may experience foul odors, pest infestations, mold growth, and even damage to wooden support beams if the case is severe enough. You need a crawl space the works for you, providing a dry, pest-free, and stable area beneath your home that can support your family’s growth for years to come.

That’s where we come in. With Thrasher Foundation Repair, you can have top-tier crawl space repair and encapsulation services brought to bear against any damages or issues you’re currently experiencing. We install vapor barriers, sump pumps, dehumidifiers, support jacks, and more, guaranteeing that your crawlspace will be a dry, clean, and supported area for decades to come.

Call the experts today for your no-cost, no-obligation crawl space repair estimate in Springfield!

Our crawl space repair system includes:

  • Crawl space vapor barrier
  • Crawl space insulation
  • Crawl space support posts
  • Crawl space dehumidifiers
  • Crawl space sump pumps
  • And more!

Professional basement waterproofing services in Springfield

Nobody wants a wet basement. Whether it’s drip lines running from poorly-sealed basement window frames, or a pool of water where the wall meets the footing after a heavy rain, moisture in your basement is never something you want to deal with. Wet basements result from all sorts of issues, like poor soil drainage, prolonged or heavy rains, or deterioration of structural components over time. In Springfield, our clay soils, summer humidity, and above-average rainfall can lead to significant buildups of water in the soil surrounding your foundation, which exerts hydrostatic pressure. This pressure squeezes water through tiny pores and cracks in your foundation walls and floor, forcing water into the basement itself over time.

It doesn’t have to be this way. With Thrasher Foundation Repair, you can say goodbye to your wet basement for good with our suite of high-quality basement waterproofing products. We install sump pumps and dehumidifiers, design full-basement drainage systems, build vapor barriers, and more. Your Springfield home will never again be plagued by foul odors, damage to material goods and equipment, or any moisture in your basement again.

For a no-cost, no-obligation basement waterproofing estimate in Springfield, call the professionals at Thrasher Foundation Repair today!

We offer the following basement waterproofing products and solutions:

  • Interior drainage systems
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Window wells
  • Sump pumps
  • And more!

Concrete repair experts in Springfield

Concrete - anywhere you look, you’ll see it. If you find yourself looking around at a property marred by a cracked driveway, sunken sidewalk, chipped or pitted pool deck, or cracks in concrete foundation walls or floors, then we can help.

Polyurethane crack injection

Concrete is a man-made structure, and like any of our creations, it can deteriorate over time. Causes of concrete deterioration vary, including internal supporting metals corrosion, freeze and thaw cycles, erosion, and more. Whatever the cause, you need a solution - and we’ve got them.

We specialize in concrete leveling and repair services in Springfield and the surrounding areas. Our professional teams are trained to perform at the highest level, offering a degree of workmanship that you won’t find anywhere else. Concrete repair is our business, and if you’ve got a problem, we’ve got an answer for it.

Thrasher Foundation Repair offers no-cost, no-obligation concrete repair estimates in Springfield and throughout the surrounding areas. Call today to get started!

Our concrete repair solutions:

  • PolyLevel® concrete leveling
  • NexusPro™ cracked concrete repair
  • SealantPro™ concrete sealing
  • Commercial concrete repairs
  • Driveway repairs
  • Pool deck leveling
  • Sidewalk repairs
  • Step repairs

Your local foundation repair and basement waterproofing experts since 1975

Thrasher Foundation Repair has been in business for nearly 50 years, and we’re still adding tools to our belt all these decades later. We continue to evolve our training and practices to ensure that we deliver the very best solutions to your home. When you’re ready to get your home in order, give the pros at Thrasher Foundation Repair a call!

Call now for your no-cost, no-obligation estimate!

Before and After Pictures from Springfield
Crawl Space Repair in Springfield, MO

Crawl Space Repair in Springfield, MO

Before After
Crawl Space Repair in Springfield, MO Crawl Space Repair in Springfield, MO

In Springfield, MO, this couple was experiencing large amounts of moisture on their interior walls and becoming concerned it would lead to deterioration and mold growth. Seeking a permanent solution, they gave us at Thrasher a call for a full inspection and industry-leading solution. 

Our crew arrived in Springfield, MO, and began the crawl space encapsulation project. We lined the entire space with our CleanSpace moisture barrier and installed our Sedona SaniDry dehumidifier to assist in ridding the environment of humidity. 

It was rewarding to restore the couple's peace of mind and help them live a better life in a safer home atmosphere. They couldn't have been more pleased with our and their overall Thrasher experience. 

Rental Property Crawlspace Fixed in Springfield, MO

Rental Property Crawlspace Fixed in Springfield, MO

Before After
Rental Property Crawlspace Fixed in Springfield, MO Rental Property Crawlspace Fixed in Springfield, MO

These long-term rental property owners had just purchased a new property in Springfield, MO. They wanted to have everything checked out before they rented it out as a single family home. They heard of Thrasher helping with multiple home problems regarding crawlspaces and foundation repair, so they gave us a call. 

We sent System Design Specialist Nick Tiberghien to inspect the home's crawlspace and foundation to ensure that everything was safe for a family to rent this property. Nick found that the older property had significant sagging floors on the main level of the home as well as high relative humidity in the crawlspace. Upon further inspection, Nick found that the floors were sagging due to the distance between floor supports. The floor supports were too far apart and the high humidity in the crawl space had worn down the supports so that they could not properly hold the crawlspace.

After calling the rental property owners and discussing what was going on with the crawlspace and floors of their property, they wanted to get this fixed quickly. Our team got to work on adding 2 SmartJacks underneath the floor support beam as well as a 12-foot supplemental support beam to lift the floor back to be level. After this, they encapsulated the crawlspace using Drainage Matting and CleanSpace to ensure that the high humidity would not weaken the support beam any longer.

The rental property owners were very happy with the work that was done, and they can't wait to start renovating and renting out this property. Check out their crawlspace solutions!

Flaking Concrete Protected in Springfield, MO

Flaking Concrete Protected in Springfield, MO

Before After
Flaking Concrete Protected in Springfield, MO Flaking Concrete Protected in Springfield, MO

Saving money in the long run and preventing further damage was this homeowners reasoning for calling us. She had struggled with her driveway pitting and flaking for years, and she didn't want this problem to keep getting worse. After having checked on our review and checking our status with the Better Business Bureau, she knew that we would be a great fit for her home's needs.

Our System Design Specialist Nick Tiberghien arrived at her home to discuss her driveway problems and take a deeper look into what was causing the problems. Upon inspection, Nick found that there were a few different problems with the driveway. The first problem was that the pitting and flaking of the driveway was causing a look of deteriorating or falling apart, when in fact the concrete was still structured well. The next problem Nick discovered was that there was a portion of concrete that sunk a couple of inches due to water washing to soil out from underneath the concrete. This issue was difficult because it meant that the concrete would need to be lifted before it could be protected.

Nick discussed options to fix these problems which include lifting and sealing the surface of the concrete. The homeowner liked these solutions very much, so she scheduled an installation appointment for the next week. The installation crew that came out to her home got to work quickly by first lifting the sunken concrete slab using PolyLevel foam. After that, the crew power-washed the entire surface of the concrete to ensure that nothing would break the sealant they wanted to use. Finally, after the driveway was leveled and cleaned, the crew used SealantPro to seal the entire surface of the driveway to protect it from further pitting or flaking. 

The homeowner was extremely happy with the results. She said that the driveway looks so much cleaner than when we started with her, and she was very thankful that her concrete was protected. Check out the huge concrete transformation!

Sagging Floors Solved in Springfield, MO

Sagging Floors Solved in Springfield, MO

Before After
Sagging Floors Solved in Springfield, MO Sagging Floors Solved in Springfield, MO

These homeowners recently moved into their new home. After being at the home for a couple of months, they noticed some cracks starting in the walls as well as the floor started sagging. They were concerned about maintaining the property value of their home, and they decided that it needed to be fixed. One of their family members had recommended our services a few months ago after they had some work done, so these homeowners decided to give us a call.

We sent System Design Specialist Nick Tiberghien to inspect the floor and wall problem, determine why this was happening, and give a comprehensive solution that would solve these homeowners problems. Nick found that the sagging floors were happening due to a support column sinking directly underneath the home; He also found that the problems were getting worse overtime because there was high humidity in the home's crawlspace which was weakening the support column. After discussing this with the homeowners, Nick reassured them that the floors could be fixed and that one of our installation teams could be there soon to help. When the homeowner's appointment time came around, our installation team came in with our SmartJack System which is used to stabilize and raise the floors up.

The homeowners were so excited to have the installation team fix their floor problem. They said that the floors look and feel a lot better. Check out these homeowner's newly supported support beam in their crawlspace!

Recent job requests in Springfield, MO

Neighborhood: Springfield, 65803

Crack between bricks, some interior cracks. Additional information: Needs help with: Foundation Settlement

Neighborhood: Springfield, 65803

West foundation wall has sunk and rolled out slightly causing floor slope, lifted floor tiles, and ceiling cracks. Additional information: Needs help with: Foundation Settlement

Neighborhood: Springfield, 65807

Our house seems to be settling. We currently have part of it piered. It is also weeping water through walls and smells atrocious. Additional information: Needs help with: Foundation Settlement

Neighborhood: Springfield, 65802

Main support beam tilted. Additional information: Needs help with: Crawlspace

Neighborhood: Springfield, 65810

Crack noticeable from outside of home -- crack inside home by back door, door is sticking, corner of house seems to be sloping Additional information: Needs help with: Foundation Settlement

Neighborhood: Springfield, 65803

My home inspection flagged the supports on the house needing to be different. Also the floor seems uneven I was hoping to figure out what's the deal down there. Additional information: Needs help with: Crawlspace

Neighborhood: E Raynell St, Springfield, 65804

1972 split level house with half basement/half crawlspace. Recent cracks in ceiling in the level above basement. Would like a repair estimate, please. Thank you. Additional information: I need help with: Foundation Settlement

Neighborhood: Springfield, 65807

There are areas in my sidewalk that have sank and cracked. It also isn't level with the driveway anymore. Would like estimate to repair/lift it. Additional information: Needs help with: Concrete Repair

Neighborhood: Springfield, 65807

Driveway and front walk both have sunk several inches, curious if they can be lifted to level with home. Additional information: Needs help with: General

Neighborhood: Springfield, 65804

Porch crack and part needs lifted about 1/2 inch. Additional information: Needs help with: Concrete Repair

Neighborhood: Springfield, 65803

We have a partial crawl space/walk out basement. We have noticed that we have two cracks on the outside of our foundation wall. In the basement there is a hairline crack in the ceiling that appears to have gotten bigger. Additional information: Needs help with: Foundation Settlement

Neighborhood: Springfield, 65803

Laundry and bathroom slope. Basement is open to crawlspace, which is open to outside. Additional information: Needs help with: Foundation Settlement

Neighborhood: Springfield, 65803

Cracked and coming apart Additional information: Needs help with: Concrete Repair

Neighborhood: E Burntwood, Springfield, 65803

Driveway Additional information: I need help with: General

Neighborhood: Springfield, 65803

Detached shop/garage foundation wall - crack in one corner may be actively expanding. House garage retaining wall - crack in one corner - drainage fixed and may be stable. Additional information: Needs help with: Foundation Settlement

Neighborhood: Springfield, 65807

I have a some foundation cracking. Possible uneven floor. Also front porch has a couple large cracks. Additional information: Needs help with: Foundation Settlement

Neighborhood: Springfield, 65803

Foundation repair Additional information: Needs help with: Foundation Settlement

Neighborhood: Springfield, 65802

Just looking for a inspection and estimate at this time. Additional information: Needs help with: Crawlspace

Neighborhood: Springfield, 65806

The living room ceiling is also beginning to bow I'm honestly afraid it's going to end up on my living room floor. the worst part of the foundation is the back of the house and along the side of the house by the trees. i have repaired several cracks in the walls in the living room and the dining room and it seems like every time i cover one a million more come up out of nowhere Additional information: Needs help with: Foundation Settlement

Neighborhood: Springfield, 65807

We had an inspection done on our house and we have some foundation issues that i wanted to get a quote on to see how much it would be to fix. Additional information: Needs help with: Foundation Settlement
Job Stories From Springfield, MO
Sidewalk Repair in Springfield

This homeowner was looking to remove the tripping hazard and sloping of the concrete so that friends can use the front entrance when coming over again and feel safe.  She was also looking to get a fix versus replacing, so she gave Thrasher a call. System Design Specialist, Kyle Linback, came out to meet with her. Kyle found washout from years of rain and the dry soil from the drought caused the soil the shrink. This then caused the concrete to sink and crack. Kyle proposed we use our 2-Part Concrete Protection System. Polylevel would be used to lift and level the concrete back into place and NexusPro to fill in the cracks and joints and prevent from happening again. The homeowner loved this solution and we sent out our installation team. There is no doubt she is happy with the work and does not have to worry about her friends tripping while entering her home! 

Waterproofing in Springfield, MO

In Springfield MO, customer was having water coming through the floor of her basement causing potential damage to the finished parts of her basement. She was tired of having water in her basement every time it rained, had the hassle of having to clean it up. This customer read our reviews online and decided to have us come out to help her with her problems.


We removed the old sump pump and the concrete enclosure and installed our TripleSafe sump pump to collect the water under the concrete and have an exit for the water that was pooling in the corner of her basement. Our crew also installed our RainDrop gutter guards to her home, to prevent her gutters from clogging and keeping water away from the foundation of her home.  

Tripping Hazards no more at home in Springfield, MO

These homeowners wanted to maintain the full value of their home. With all the cracked concrete they had, they knew getting the concrete repaired would bring them the curb appeal that would matter when the time comes to sell. They called Thrasher to come inspect all the concrete issues to determine what could be done. They knew would do it right.

When we came out for their free inspection, we noticed slight settling in the driveway and extreme settlement on the sidewalk alongside the house. There was also street creep taking effect on the home's foundation we wanted to address as well This was caused by the concrete from the street expanding and pushing the driveway into the house.  

To eliminate the street creep, we installed Compression Guard, allowing for the swelling and shrinking of the road against the driveway. For the rest of the settling concrete, we used PolyLevel to lift and level the slabs back to the correct positions. NexusPro was then used to seal the cracks and joints. It was a difficult lift on the sidewalk but it turned out great 






Tripping Hazards no more at home in Springfield, MO - Photo 1
Sagging Floors in Springfield, MO

These homeowners have been dreaming of finishing their home, but they knew they could not start until they fixed their sagging floors. They called Thrasher because they knew of our long standing reputation. They needed a contractor they could trust and would get the job done right the first time. One of our System Design Specialists, Nick Tiberghien, went out to meet them. Nick found the the problem of the sagging floors was due to improper support and high moisture levels. The beams that were down in the crawlspace already were too far apart, causing the floors to sag, and the high moisture caused the wooden beams to weaken oven time. Nick proposed to fix the problem by adding additional support to the floors. Adding two supplemental beams, held by SmartJacks, stabilize the floors and provide plenty of support to lift them back up and prevent any future sagging. The homeowner was surprised how quickly the floors were able to rise back up and there is no doubt they are happily finishing the rest of their home

Concrete Settlement in Springfield, MO

This couple were living in their forever home when they noticed their driveway was settling. They had heard about Thrasher, and how we are family owned, and gave us a call! One of our System Design Specialists, Brock Jackson, met with these homeowners! After doing the inspection, Brock determined the soil under the concrete had eroded, causing the settling to happen. Brock proposed Thrasher use our PolyLevel Foam and Nexuspro to lift and level the concrete, and seal the joints and cracks. The homeowners loved this idea and were very excited to watch the videos on how it worked! They were so excited with the end results as their home was back to being flat and free of trip hazards! 

Concrete Increases a Home's Value in Springfield, MO

This homeowner wanted to fix her concrete slab in order to sell her home for top dollar. She gave us a call for her free estimate because she had heard of our reputation. 

We sent System Design Specialist Brock Jackson to inspect the concrete and help her repair it. Brock noticed that her walkway had settled due to the downspout dumping water underneath the slab and washing away the soil. Brock reassured the homeowner that there was a simple solution to her problem and that he was just there to help her. Our team used PolyLevel Concrete Leveling and NexusPro Cracked Concrete Repair to lift, level, and seal the concrete from water invading it. Now, she won't have any problem with water getting under her concrete, as there is no path for the water to flow.

The homeowner is very happy with the solution because she knows that she won't have any issues selling her home for top dollar now. 

Basement Waterproofing in Springfield, MO

A homeowner in Springfield, MO, needed some help with waterproofing his basement. He had some concerns about one of the foundation walls and the amount of water that would come through the wall. He discussed his concerns with the Thrasher crew and we installed WaterGuard along the west wall of the basement and installed a TripleSafe Sump Pump. 

Concrete Fix in Springfield, MO

A homeowner in Springfield, MO previously had the driveway mud jacked and it started to settle again. The Thrasher crew installed a CompressionGuard so the driveway could expand without ruining the concrete. Then we used our 3-part concrete system to lift, level, and protect the driveway. 

Foundation Repair in Springfield, MO

A homeowner in Springfield, MO, was worried about slopping floors in the kitchen. The crew was able to see that there was space between the foundation walls and the main beam. We installed Smart Jacks and a supplemental beam to fix the slopping area. 

Concrete Repair in Springfield, MO

A homeowner in Springfield, MO, needed some concrete repair done in the front and back of the home. Crews installed CompressionGuard on the driveway to help with expansion. Then used PolyLevel to level the uneven spots in the front and back. They also used NexusPro Joint Sealant to fill the voids. 

Driveway Restoration in Springfield, MO

This Springfield, MO homeowner was frustrated with the appearance of their driveway for years. The driveway had sunk in multiple areas and was cracked throughout the surface. They gave Thrasher a call because of our reputation and recommendations from friends about our concrete repair solutions.

Thrasher arrived at the home in Springfield, MO, and immediately began installing our 2-part concrete protection system. First, our PolyLevel foam is injected underneath the concrete to lift and level the surface of all sunken areas. Then, the NexusPro sealer is applied to all cracks and control joints to seal off the surface from any future water infiltration. These two products combined form the ultimate concrete repair solution. The homeowner was pleased with their Thrasher experience from start to finish. They were relieved to have their driveway restored to enhance the curb appeal of the home.

Driveway Repair in Springfield, MO

A homeowner in Springfield, MO was growing frustrated with the concrete in front of his garage. There was a lot of cracking and settlement, and people would also trip when walking up the driveway. The Thrasher crew was able to fix the driveway. We started by using PolyLevel and lifting the areas where settlement had occurred. Then we closed the cracks and joints with NexusPro Crack Repair. 

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