A wet basement can lead to extensive damage to your home and property. 

Our goal is to provide you with a worry-free solution to your basement waterproofing issues. Basement foundation repair is a problem that can be solved quickly (and effectively), provided that you know what you're up against.

Basements can flood from almost any point -- including the walls, floor and windows. The solution to a flooded basement depends entirely on what's causing the flood in the first place. Because there are a variety of causes for basement flooding, there are also a variety of solutions on the market. 

Here at Thrasher Foundation Repair, we offer quality basement waterproofing products like sump pumps and innovative french drain systems for your home. We also offer a full line of foundation repair products – making us a one-stop-shop to fix your wet basement or basement wall crack.

With over 45 years of experience, Thrasher is the true industry expert when it comes to repairing flooded basements, and our installations come backed with a written and transferrable warranty for complete peace of mind.

Our Approach to Basement Waterproofing

With more than 45 years of experience, Thrasher has a reputation for providing high-quality, long-lasting basement waterproofing solutions. We have access to more than 30 patented basement repair products designed to keep your basement clean, dry, and odor-free.

  • Insist upon the non-clogging WaterGuard® interior drainage system and your wet basement is a thing of the past.
  • Our TripleSafe® Sump Pump System – assures protection from the three most common  causes of pump failure and keeps your basement dry year-round.
  • Eliminate the leading cause of basement odors – high humidity and other indoor air allergens – with the SaniDry™ Basement Dehumidifier and Air Filtration System.
  • Restrict moisture and water vapors from entering your basement, plus add a layer of basement sealer to protect from mold at the same time with our CleanSpace® Basement Wall Vapor Barrier.

Our highly-trained specialists can install a complete basement waterproofing system with speed and accuracy, completing most projects in just one day. In addition, we never use subcontractors and our crews are trained to minimize mess and disruption. We work hard to keep your home clean, protect floors and walls, hang plastic to isolate the work area, and add ventilation fans to remove most of the dust so that you can have peace of mind while we complete the project – and for years after.

We offer free basement repair inspections and custom repair solutions to solve your leaky basement problems permanently.

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Need financing? We've got you covered.

Cracked foundations, leaky basements and mildewy crawlspaces are often serious problems that shouldn't be ignored. If you feel you've put your repair project off long enough, financing can help you get it done now instead of later. It's not worth gambling with the investment you've made in your home!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • No.  These are two separate issues and need to be addressed with different solutions.

  • There are ways to fix this.  You need to determine what the issue is.  If the issue is with the window itself, it will need to be repaired or replaced.  If the issue is with the window well, landscaping, or gutters, that issue will need addressed.  That is why it is important to consult a professional.

  • What we hear from homeowners is that they want a long-term warranty and peace of mind the
    issues will not happen again. That is why the best solution is an interior drainage system.

  • No. However, that is why it is best to consult with a waterproofing professional so that they can
    design the best solution for you based on the issues you are facing in your home.

  • Yes. Again it is important to work with a professional so that you get a solution with a long-term
    warranty and a company that gives you the peace of mind that they will do the work right and
    stand behind it.

  • There is no one size fits all approach. The solution to waterproof your basement needs to be
    designed specifically to address your issues and to accomplish your goals. It could range from
    $1000-$20,000+ depending on the severity of the issue.

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