One of our favorite things at Thrasher is seeing customers faces when they see their concrete transformed from ugly to beautiful. The transformation of a sinking driveway, a sinking stoop or a crooked sidewalk is fun to watch and even better to use afterwards. Using a lightweight material like the PolyLevel allows us to lift and level your concrete without the massive disruption of a repair method like Mudjacking. It's also a huge money and time saver compared to replacing your concrete. 

The PolyLevel lifting process is pretty amazing but so is our NexusPro product. For all homeowners who have concrete with cracks in it, we have you covered. Once your concrete has been lifted we go over each crack with our special NexusPro to seal those cracks. This helps prevent water intrusion, which washes out the soil below your concrerte. It also is cosmetic. Once our crews are done you will be shocked at how those cracks disappeared. 

At Thrasher we offer several products and services for your home. Concrete repair is one of them and we love constantly surprising people with what these products can do for your concrete issues. 

If you're looking for concrete repair in Omaha, Grand Island, Sioux City, Kansas City or Wichita look no further than Thrasher Foundation Repair please reach out to us today! 

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