One of our favorite things at Thrasher is seeing customers faces when they see their concrete transformed from ugly to beautiful. The transformation of a sinking driveway, a sinking stoop or a crooked sidewalk is fun to watch and safter to use after its fixed. Using a lightweight material like the PolyLevel allows us to lift and level your concrete without the messy disruption of a repair method like mudjacking or concrete replacement. It also sets up fast so traffic can be back on the slab in just 20 minutes.  This solution is much more cost effective, long term, and will have you back to normal in no time!! It makes some of the best before an after photos as well!!!  This page is dedicated to just that. 

Our suite of concrete repair products can solve most concrete problems:

PolyLevel- a lightweight material that will lift and level concrete back to its original position.  It will fill voids, stabilize concrete, and lift settled concrete.  This material is clean, environmentally safe, and sets up in just 20 minutes.  It also is installed through 3/8th inch holes that are virtually invisible.

NexusPro- this silicone based joint and crack sealant is the best available.  It is engineered specifically for this application and has extreme flexibility allowing it to last much longer than urethane-based caulk.  It is resistant to UV rays so it won’t shrink.

SealantPro- a concrete surface sealant that only has to be applied once.  This sealer will protect the life of concrete and prevent damage like pitting, flaking, and cracking.  It penetrates deep into the pores of the concrete meaning that it will last as long as the concrete.

While the lifting and leveling of concrete is what makes the best before and after picture, sealing joints, cracks, and the surface are just as important.  Sealing joints and cracks prevent water from penetrating through the slab and eroding the soil from under the concrete.  Concrete with weak soil or no soil at all will move and crack.  This will continue to get worse over time.  If you have open joints in your concrete you should seal them up before the concrete begins to move.  If it has already moved you will want a combination of PolyLevel Concrete Leveling and NexusPro to seal (sometimes referred to as caulking) them up. Without the joint sealant any lifting procedure may fail again.

Sealing the surface of the concrete serves a different purpose.  Concrete should be sealed to prevent damage from freeze thaw cycles.  Freeze thaw cycles cause pitting of concrete as snow and ice melt, water gets into pores in the concrete, and then refreezes.  Using a penetrating sealer like SealantPro prevents the water from getting into those pores in the first place.  It also helps prevent staining and makes the concrete easier to clean.  Because of the way the sealant penetrates the concrete it only has to be applied once unlike many sealers on the market that have to be reapplied every year or two.

Our concrete products are awesome on their own, but even better when used together.  Generally lifting and leveling happens first, then the surface is cleaned and sealed, with all of the joints being sealed up last.  If there are cracks in the concrete, they get routed out before the cleaning and sealing step.  They are then sealed with NexusPro during the final step.  This process not only protects your concrete, it also is cosmetic. Once our crews are done you will be shocked at how those cracks disappeared. Check out these before and after pictures to see for yourself!!

At Thrasher we offer several products and services for your home. Concrete repair is one of them and we love constantly surprising people with what these products can do for your concrete issues. 

If you're looking for concrete repair in Omaha, Grand Island, Sioux City, Kansas City, Springfield, or Wichita, look no further than Thrasher Foundation Repair.  Reach out to us today! 

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