The driveway of this Lenexa, KS residence had settled 6 inches, creating a large drop in front of the garage door.

Thrasher strategically injected structural fill materials under the slab and raised it level with the garage floor.

If you have concrete slabs that are significantly cracked, have voids beneath the slabs, or are sloping towards your home or building, it’s time to consult a mudjacking professional. Mudjacking is a much more cost-effective alternative to concrete replacement.

Concrete structures often settle because the underlying soil washes away or consolidates. Mudjacking injects new, structurally engineered material into any hidden voids to stop and reverse settlement.

Thrasher used a total of 6.5 cubic yards of material to lift 3 sections of the driveway to match the garage, and 3 sections of the sidewalk to match the driveway.

Lenexa Driveway Repair – Before Mudjacking
Lenexa concrete repair – after mudjacking