When it comes to maintaining a stable foundation, proper water management is essential. There are several key areas to address when determining if your home has the appropriate drainage and gutter system.

Here are some questions to consider:

  • Is my house built at the bottom of a hill?
  • What are the characteristics of the local weather and environment?
  • What kind of soil was my home built on?

At Thrasher Foundation Repair, we offer free inspections to help answer these questions and assess the effectiveness of your current gutters and drainage systems.

Common Gutter Drainage Issues

Downspout flooding: If your downspouts leave water pooling at your foundation, or if they are missing altogether, it can lead to foundation damage, landscape damage and even mold and insect problems. Often, properly placed downspout extenders can help effectively carry water away from your house.

Erosion: When soil or landscaping material is removed by water runoff, it can lead to damaging erosion, including channels or gullies in your yard. Often, a dry creek bed can help keep everything in its place while letting the water flow away from your home.

Gushing or overflowing gutters: Water spilling over the top of your current gutter system is never a good sign. This could be an indication of leaves clogging up the downspout or a sign of an undersized or improperly pitched gutter system.

Basement issues: When surface water backs up, it can leave signs in your basement walls. Water stains above or at the soil line often mean an overflowing gutter or pooling surface water are the culprit.

Get peace of mind that your foundation is protected against water damage and learn more about our replacement gutter system solution.

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