3-Part Concrete Protection System

3-Part Concrete Protection System - Image 1          We understand that concrete problems occur and especially in our Midwest climate. The concrete around our homes tends to sink, crack, break, crumble at the surface, and even split in the most frustrating areas. But do you know why one of the strongest and most durable materials can never stand the test of time? It’s because concrete is only as good as the soil it’s built on. If the soil doesn’t have the load bearing capability it needs, it will compact and settle, causing stress on the concrete above. You see, this begins to fall victim of the snowball effect. Once the concrete cracks or breaks, it’s vulnerable to water infiltrating and washing the soil out, only making the matters worse. This creates those large voids or empty spaces underneath the concrete that can really do serious damage. Solutions? There are two options; replace it or repair it.

Replacing it would require tearing out the all the concrete that’s been affected and potentially dealing with the same problems in the future. This process is extremely invasive, costly, and can sometimes take over a week before it’s fully functional. Or, for a fraction of the cost, repair and restore the concrete to a state that’s more than capable of withstanding the challenges of the Midwest climate. Fortunately, Thrasher specializes in these solutions, and we’ve become a pioneer in our industry because we made the repair process that much smoother, faster, and more effective. Our three products that make up our complete Concrete Protection System work together to provide the best-possible permanent restoration.

PolyLevel InstallationFor sunken and uneven areas, PolyLevel concrete lifting foam is inserted beneath to raise and level the surface to its original position. It’s the quickest and most effective way to lift and stabilize any uneven material. PolyLevel is made of a lightweight yet strong, high-density polyurethane foam that supports the concrete without adding any additional stress to the soil. It gets better – it’s even waterproof to prevent any washout that may have originally caused the problem in the first place. Installation is often completed within a few hours and done by drilling penny-sized holes (literally) into the surface, and then the concrete lifting foam is injected into the empty space below. Therefore, there’s very little disturbance of the existing concrete and it’s even environmental-friendly to ensure the safety of the consumer.

NexusPro SealerWater tends to find its way through any cracks and down into the soil, but NexusPro joint sealant is the ultimate barrier for any moisture vulnerability. It’s applied to all cracks and joints to prevent any water infiltration, and even the most severe changes in weather can’t break its structure. It’s a UV-resistant and highly flexible material that’s proven to last over two decades. In addition to the functionality of NexusPro, it drastically enhances the appearance of the concrete to give it a healthy and restored look. 

Applying the SealantProThe finale of the three products guarantees that the curb appeal of the concrete will be everlasting. SealantPro is the first line of defense against intruders such as water, chemicals, oil, fertilizers, etc., that cause eye-aching surface damage. SealantPro is innovative and effective because it penetrates the concrete in order to form a chemical bond deep within. With just one spray-on application, a clear and permanent barrier is formed with the purpose of extending the concrete’s lifespan. No need to worry, this product won’t wash away or weaken over time, and never needs to be reapplied.

Cracked, broken, or uneven concrete can be harmful to the home’s foundation, become a potential tripping hazard, and even decrease the value. Whether these three products are used separately or all together as the complete Concrete Protection System, they’re guaranteed to restore peace of mind and enhance the property’s value.  For a fraction of the cost of replacing, your concrete could be permanently restored with all the qualities it needs to stand the test of time. Our concrete lifting foam, joint sealant, and topcoat sealer are industry-changing solutions that could solve all your concrete needs.