The Thrasher Commercial team is here to provide excellent service to our commercial customers.

It's no secret that managing projects for residential homeowners can be different than managing projects for the newest four-story apartment complex in town.   At Thrasher, our mission and purpose are to provide a Redefining experience to all our customers, not just our residential customers. This means that we need to have different personnel and processes to serve our commercial customers and serve our residential customers. The great news is that the small company feel that Thrasher built our reputation on is the same feeling you will get as a commercial customer. But you will have a large company backing the design, scheduling, installation, and warranty for your work.   As our customer, you have over 450 employees' support, ensuring that your project will succeed. 

The Thrasher Commercial team is a highly specialized group of people who focus exclusively on serving our commercial customers well. This team comprises Project Managers who know how to design, coordinate, and bid projects like a pro. They are focused on putting you, our customer's needs first and helping them find a solution to every problem.  If we can provide the service or the solution for you, we will, but we'll be honest and point you in the best direction if we can't. We want to help you make your project be a success.  

The Thrasher Commercial installation team is highly trained in all our product lines. This creates excellent versatility and flexibility in our scheduling.  We strive to get your project started and completed on time, and we know that this at times means our schedules must be flexible, and at other times they must be firm and have set dates. By having highly trained teams, we can mobilize our teams from Kansas City, KS, and Omaha, NE, on short notice and complete your projects on time. This is possible through an excellent support team in our office, which keeps our teams on track and effective. 

It might seem strange to have members of our commercial team based out of multiple different locations.

Our commercial teams are primarily based out of Omaha and KC, but we also have employees based out of Des Moines, IA, and Wichita, KS. As stated earlier, our purpose is to create a redefining experience for our customers and to do this well. We believe there must be a local contact for our customers.

As such, each of our major facilities has a local project manager to help you with all your design and estimating needs. 

If you decide to move forward with a project, our installation teams will mobilize either from our KC office or our Omaha office. Both of which are centrally located to make it easier and quicker to mobilize to all areas of our territory.   Everything we do is centered around the customer and your experience.  

To learn more about Thrasher Commercial or any one of the great people that work in this department, click on their pictures below.   We look forward to creating a long-term partnership and relationship with you. 

Frequently Asked Questions of our Commercial Team

1.    I need to talk to someone about a new project. Who should I call?

a.    Call our main Thrasher line (1-800-827-0702), and we will get you in contact with the most appropriate person to help you.

2.    Does Thrasher provide engineered solutions?

a.    Yes. Thrasher has a team of 6 in-house engineers and works with multiple external engineering firms to ensure expert and engineered solutions. 

3.    I have a billing question, who should I talk to?

a.    Call our main Thrasher line (1-800-827-0702), and we will get you in contact with the most appropriate person to help you.

4.    How long does it take to move from designing a project to completing the project?

a.    At Thrasher, we strive to meet our customers' timelines.  So we can move as quickly or as slowly as you want, but if it's a rush project, we excel in meeting your needs.

5.    What is the lead time needed to order materials for a project?

a.    Thrasher and its supplier SupportWorks are committed to having the right products at the right time. This means that we carry a significant number of materials in stock to limit the lead times needed for the project.

Typically, we ask for two weeks lead time for materials but can expedite this time frame if needed.