When unexpected and unplanned issues arise like water in the basement, cracks in the foundation, or uneven concrete, they can be unsettling and stressful. Our homes are special and sacred. When an issue is threatening that security, it can be very frightening. We hear the fear and uncertainly in our customers' voices every single day. The Customer Care team is here to listen and help you every step of the way. Greg and Nancy Thrasher started this business with a passion for helping and serving customers. Forty-five years later, we live that out every single day. No matter the job, unless our customers are thrilled, we are not happy.

So what does the Customer Care team do? First, we assist customers with scheduling their initial consultation. You may have discovered an issue with your home or business and reach out to us for more information. We take time to listen and reassure you that we can help. Empathetic and compassionate, our team truly cares about our customers. We will find a time that works well with your schedule for one of our experts to get eyes on the problem. Once an appointment is set, the Customer Care team sends out a pre-mailer packet with helpful information and educational materials to prepare you for the appointment. 

After the Design Specialists have met with a customer, our Account Managers follow up to answer any questions or concerns. From project timing to financing, we are here to guide a customer through the process and make sure you feel 100% confident in the next steps and the solution. Once a customer decides to move forward with their proposal, our Project Management team will oversee every detail from start to finish. This team is responsible for securing installation dates, pulling any needed utilities or permits, confirming upcoming projects with customers, and conducting post-project quality assurance calls. Any questions you might have before or during the project, we are here to help.

Once your new system is installed, regular maintenance and care of your Thrasher system can significantly reduce emergency service calls, ensure the system is working effectively, and increase your system's normal life expectancy. To make maintenance easier, Thrasher Care Club memberships are available. Our Customer Care team can assist you with enrollment for only $9.99/month. This membership will cover your annual maintenance appointment, priority scheduling and provide a 5% discount on any future products or systems. We also send out annual maintenance reminders. Let us keep track of your service due date while you enjoy peace of mind from your new system.

"Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning." Bill Gates' quote paints a picture of how great companies learn from their mistakes and work hard to make things right. Any concerns that may come up are handled with the following motto: "See it, own it, solve it, do it." What does that mean to you? Simply put, we take care of our customers with excellent communication, a high sense of urgency, and strong follow-through. We empower and encourage every person on the Customer Care team to handle any questions, concerns, or issues that may come up swiftly and efficiently. After the issue is resolved, we sift through what lessons we can learn from our mistakes. We also work hard to make sure these mistakes are not repeated.

One story that highlights the care we show for our customers comes from Michael, one of our Customer Care Specialists. He received a call from one of our customers, Barb, needing to reschedule her appointment. Sadly, Barb had a loss in her family. Without hesitation, Michael looked up a local florist, ordered a plant for this customer, and included a card that read, "We are so very sorry for your loss. Thoughts and prayers from all of us at Thrasher." A few days later, this customer called our office and was amazed at the gesture of kindness we showed to her. The Thrashers started this business to care for every customer. Over the last 45 years, we have genuinely redefined an industry by focusing on exceptional customer service. It is the passion and priority of every person, on every team, in every location.

We are very proud of the Customer Care team and the excellent service they provide to our customers. We only hire people who exemplify a strong desire to take care of customers. We get genuinely excited about delivering a great experience. Working together as a team, we resolve issues quickly, efficiently, and as respectfully as possible.

Above are some of the passionate team members working on the Customer Care team. You may come into contact with many of these people when working with us. We look forward to getting to know you!