Thrasher Group's Leadership Team

Consists of the company owners, department leaders, and our location leaders. Greg and Nancy Thrasher started the company in 1975 and are still the company's owners. Greg and Nancy now represent the company on the board by providing their leadership and purpose, mission, and values for why the company started. Greg and Nancy's son, Dan Thrasher, is now the President of Thrasher Group. Dan is a member of the Leadership Team that helps lead the culture and drive the company's overall direction and strategy. Nick Rohe serves as the Company's Executive Vice President. He works directly with the department leaders that make up the Leadership Team to ensure each department is aligned on working together on company initiatives and strategy. The rest of the Leadership Team consists of department leaders for Marketing, Customer Care, Operations, Human Resources, Supply Chain, and Accounting/Finance.

Each of these leaders owns leading their departments but also helps hold the overall strategy of the company. This team has a vast range of experience. Some of the individuals on the team's careers have mostly been at Thrasher Group. This provides valuable experience to the team because these individuals have had experience working in most of the departments at the company, and it ensures that the purpose, mission, and values of the company stay as the guiding star as the company continues to grow. Other members of the team have had experience owning their own companies, which brings the visionary, entrepreneurial spirit to the company. Other members have had professional experience working at other large companies and can get new insights and best practices to the Thrasher Group. The General Managers are the owners of the culture and the customer experience at their location. This group of individuals has led teams and companies with a similar purpose, mission, and values and have vast experience delivering a remarkable customer and employee experience. At the Thrasher Group, we are very intentional about our company culture. Our purpose, mission, and values are something we hire for in all positions and look for throughout the interviewing process. Having alignment on our purpose, mission, and values are extremely important throughout the company, but it is even more critical at the leadership level. We make long-term decisions that are what is best for our employees, customers, and company through the lens of our purpose, mission, and values. At Thrasher Group, we invest heavily in the growth and development of all of our employees. With our managers, we consistently train and develop our leaders to effectively lead and manage a team. We have developed a specific training plan and content to create alignment on the leadership principles that have been the most influential and impactful to the Thrasher Group. A lot of this material has come from many other thought leaders and put together in a training program and package to train and develop and create alignment across our management team.