At Thrasher, we take great pride in the knowledge and expertise that each of these Team Leads brings to your home every day. 

We have several guys with 20+ years of experience installing the same systems they will be putting in your homes.  Many of our team leads are cross-trained and can help customers with multiple different solutions, but a large majority of these team leads are experts in the solutions they install, and these are the only systems they install.  Now you are probably wondering why is that such a big deal?  The reason is that we know that having work done in your home can be stressful and not exciting.  We want to do our part by making the best possible experience for you and your family.  We do that by ensuring we have highly trained and specialized team leads to install your solutions.  Since these team leads do this every day, they have it down to a science, are efficient, skilled, and have the best possible tools to perform the work they need to perform.  As a result of that, it allows us to be in and out of your house, leaving behind a permanent solution and allowing you to return to your daily life.

I think we have all had those projects on our homes that go on and on and seem like they take years to complete.

We see no reason for that.  Our team leads take pride in getting you back to your everyday life as efficiently and effectively as possible while making sure you have a permanent solution in your home.

Each of our team leads goes through an extensive training program and follows installation protocols that have been established here at Thrasher.  In our 45 years in this business, we have done many things and worked through some challenges to dial in our processes when installing our products the right way every time.  Now each of these team leads go through that training to ensure that every solution is installed with the highest level of standards that we expect for our customers, no matter the home.  When it comes to our purpose of Redefining the Industry, we don’t take that lightly.  We believe that every customer deserves to have an extraordinary experience and a permanent solution that will allow them to restore lost peace of mind, improve their quality of life, or maintain their property value.  

When it comes to our employees, we are a company that prides itself on making sure that our employees return home the same if not better than they came to work that day.  Having several Team Leads with 10+, 15+, 20+ years of experience working here at Thrasher is a testament to that statement.  We work in an industry where accidents are expected and the norm.  We do not believe that it has to be the case.  These team leads take ownership of their crews, the crews’ families, and the homeowners of the homes we go in each day.  They want nothing more than to deliver extraordinary experiences to all individuals involved.  These guys are incredibly passionate about the work they do and take great pride in your overall satisfaction.  If you aren’t 100% satisfied with something they have completed for you, just tell them. They will do their best to make sure you delighted before they leave. That is a promise.  At Thrasher, we have a set of guarantees that we call our Thrasher Guarantees.  Those guarantees consist of satisfaction, efficiency, property protection, customer respect and are we perfect?

Each of these guarantees is acted out by this group of team leads on every job.  The satisfaction guarantee is that we will perform all the work to the standard you and our System Design Specialist or Service Technician agreed to on the proposal.  Our Efficiency Guarantee is a testament to these team leads, their experience and their expertise in installing these solutions each day and that we will complete your project as efficiently as possible while still maintaining our commitment to excellence.  The Property Protection Guarantee outlines that we will come to your home lay down floor covers, yard coverings, and do our best to return to your home the way it was before we arrived.  The Customer Respect Guarantee will politely address any questions or concerns and treat you and your family with respect.  The Are We Perfect Guarantee is owning that occasionally we will make a mistake or damage something, but we believe the customer experience can and should be remarkable.  We care deeply and build long-term relationships with our customers because we know you are the very reason we are in business.

Remember that if the crew comes in and completes your project and it takes less time than you anticipated, it’s not because they cut corners. It’s because they are indeed that good!