Welcome to Service! Otherwise known as the Solution Squad.

The Thrasher Service team is here to provide excellent service to our commercial and residential customers. After investing in protecting your home, it is essential to maintain the system to maintain peace of mind. At Thrasher, our mission and purpose are to provide a Redefining experience to all our customers, which doesn't just stop after the project is completed. The individuals on this team pride themselves on a one call/ one-stop resolution mindset. All of our Service Technicians go through a rigorous 6-week training course. Our Service team members are experts in all things Thrasher, including concrete repair, foundation wall support, foundation settlement, egress windows, and waterproofing

Our Service Technicians are dedicated to doing whatever it takes to get the job done.  

Our Service Team are the ones that come out for multiple reasons; anything from a standard once a year Annual Maintenance to identifying and solving a pesky water intrusion problem. It is essential to get yearly maintenance. Whether it be cleaning and flushing your WaterGuard, testing the pumps to make sure the switches are operational or tightening and measuring your foundation wall support to continually monitor your wall's progress. At the start of every meeting, your Service Technician will go through a meeting plan and walk you through what you can expect during the scheduled visit. This includes going over a brief history of your home so the service technician can understand what systems you may have in your house, why you decided to have it installed, and how it has been performing since the last time, we came to visit.

Along with property history, the Service Technician will have a couple of questions to ensure you and them are on the same page and address any additional concerns you may have since we have been in your home last. After that, the Service Technician will go over our system maintenance checklist. This is the step-by-step process they will take to inspect thoroughly and maintain the systems that already exist in your home to make sure those particular systems are operating correctly. After those are completed, the Service Technician will conduct a complete home general inspection. In this part, the Service Technician will check both inside and outside, looking at grading, gutters, and downspouts. We will review your foundation's integrity, indoor air quality, and any concrete that may be on your property. We do this because, as a company, we believe in proactively fixing small problems before they become large ones. At the end of all this, the Service Technician will sit down with you and go over everything they fixed, maintenance and found with you so that you can have a clean bill of health before they leave your home. This is a group that will get the job done, restore any lost peace of mind, and reassure you that your investment is performing at its best, all while still maintaining your property value.

Here at Thrasher, we take great pride in our employees and the extensive training and knowledge regarding our systems and general home construction. One of our goals is to change the way you think of contractors and service technicians. That is why we want to create a professionally personal relationship with each of the customers we meet with. On this page, you will find a sneak peek into the life of the individual who could be coming to your house, just a way not to be such strangers. Our techs can't wait to meet you and your family!

Here are some frequently asked questions about the Service team

How do I get a Service Tech to visit my house?

If you require a visit from one of our Service Technicians, please call our main Thrasher line, and we would be happy to get you in contact with the most appropriate person to get you on the schedule.

How much does a visit cost? 

Our Annual Maintenances are $159, or you can sign up for our Thrasher Care Club program for $9.99 a month. If you have an emergency or need something to be fixed, there is no charge.

Do I need to be home for the appointment?

We do request that an adult is present during the appointment. During this time of Covid, our techs are capable of contact-free/ virtual appointments.