Our Team is comprised of a diverse group of individuals – men, women, and no, a beard is not a requirement in the warehouse. In Supply Chain, we are responsible for our facilities – office and warehouses, our fleet strategy, fixing tools, equipment, and fleet, purchasing materials, moving materials between our locations, getting materials ready for our crews. We also ensure we have the right materials in the right place for Thrasher Group and technology connectivity throughout the organization. 

Roles Include: 

- Director of Supply Chain

- Network Warehouse Manager

- Purchasing Manager

- Fleet and Tool Manager

- Technical Product Owner

- Warehouse Supervisors

- Warehouse Assistants

- Mechanics

- Inventory Specialist

- Tool Room Specialist

We Work Hard, Play Hard in Supply Chain - in other words, 'We are the Mullet!' of our organization. The Supply Chain Team at Thrasher is behind the scenes to ensure we set up our crews, our internal teams, and our co-workers for success to meet our customers' needs. We love to problem solve and be as proactive as possible for our team members. Our conversations as a team can be asking about each other's family and weekend activities to drawing out processes for our network. We genuinely care about the success of each other and our company!

What makes a Warehouse Supervisor proud of their role? -
"Even though I do not routinely go on jobs, I have a sense of pride knowing that I have a hand in helping the crews take care of customers. Many of the "customer whys" that I see when I look at a project say, "Because it is their forever home." And, they don't want to burden their family with having to fix it later." That means a lot to me, knowing that I am helping them take care of these issues to improve the home they love or get it fixed before it becomes a larger problem.


We are a newer department here at Thrasher Group. We are continually working to 'Redefine' our Customers' experience internally. At Thrasher Group, we want to set up our crews for success to ensure we provide quality products for the crews to install and tools, equipment, and fleet to complete the job safely, efficiently, and on time. In Supply Chain, our goal is to reduce waste and standardize processes as much as possible. We don't want to reinvent the wheel. However, there are times where we have to come up with a strategy for the situation. In Supply Chain, you always need to think on your toes.

For example, when new products are being launched to our customers, we work with production to understand the material needs, know the tools and equipment needed, meet with suppliers to get the best total delivered cost, and lead time and quality assurance. We purchase the tools, fleet, and materials required. We receive the products from our suppliers. We set up the warehouse to store the products correctly, distribute to our production crews, follow up with the teams to make sure they have what they need to help the customer and act with a #OneTeam attitude! 

Our Warehouses are located in Omaha, NE; Wichita, KS; Lenexa, KS; Sioux City, IA; Grand Island, NE; Springfield, MO; Des Moines, IA. We have staff in all locations to support our business needs. We take pride in our inventory accuracy to ensure we have the right amount of product in each place to support production needs. We have the right tools to make sure we can fix our tools and fleet. When you see a Thrasher or Midwest truck on the road, we've built the strategy to purchase and the plan to maintain our crews' safety and productivity. At Thrasher Group see value in investing in our technology to track our inventory, visibility to material movements, and tool traceability.  


When partnering with Thrasher Group, we mean it. We want to partner with our suppliers. We value our suppliers to provide us with what is best in class, act as an extension of our team, and provide cost savings. A healthy supplier relationship is critical to our department and company. We expect two-way communication to be proactive in the market place and solve issues before impacting our teams. We have high standards for our vendors, just like we do ourselves.

If you are interested in being a Supplier at Thrasher Group, please contact Supply Chain at Thrasher Group.


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