Foundation Repair & Basement Waterproofing in Andover, KS

Does your home or commercial property have bowing foundation walls, sinking concrete slabs, leaky windows in the basement, or clogged gutters? There is no reason to worry — Thrasher Foundation Repair is your trusted expert, providing solutions for these problems and so much more since 1975.

Contact Thrasher Foundation Repair to schedule a free inspection and cost estimate on any of our reliable services, including basement waterproofing, foundation repair, crawl space encapsulation, concrete repair, and gutter installation. We proudly serve Andover, KS and nearby areas.

Testimonials From Andover
Very nice and informative. Everyone was very pleasant to deal with.
Testimonial by Dan S. from Andover, KS
Took the time to answer my questions and completed the job quickly and left no mess.
Testimonial by Dan S. from Andover, KS
Very happy with the measures that the crew took to try to keep our home clean and explained everything, warranty, service. Thank you. Very nice and courteous,...
Testimonial by James C. from Andover, KS
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Durable foundation repairs in Andover

No matter how small the foundation damage may seem, problems can worsen and impact other areas of a home or building, leading to issues like sticking windows and doors, cracked drywall, a tilting chimney, and moisture intrusion. From cracked foundation floors to bowing basement walls and foundation settlement, Thrasher Foundation Repair provides permanent solutions for these structural problems and more.

Foundation Problems We Fix:

  • Foundation settlement & sinking
  • Sticking windows & doors
  • Tilting chimneys
  • Tilting & bowing walls
  • Cracked foundation walls & floors
  • Collapsing retaining walls
  • Sagging crawl space
  • Uneven floors

Our Foundation Repair Products:

  • Crawl space support posts
  • Push piers & helical piers
  • Wall anchors
  • Street creep repairs
  • Foundation wall brace & beams
  • Carbon fiber wall straps
  • Foundation settlement repair
  • Foundation crack repair

Schedule a free foundation inspection and service estimate to get personalized repair solutions for your property. We proudly serve Andover and nearby areas in Kansas.

Lasting basement waterproofing system in Andover

If your home or building has leaky egress windows, damp walls, excess condensation, mold, or other moisture intrusion problems, contact the basement waterproofing experts at Thrasher Foundation Repair.

We can eliminate basement flooding and leaking with a patented waterproofing system customized to suit any property, creating a dry below-grade space and keeping it that way for years to come! We proudly serve Andover and nearby areas in Kansas.

Schedule a free basement waterproofing inspection and service estimate to learn more. We proudly serve Andover and nearby areas in Kansas.

Our basement waterproofing system includes:

  • Interior drainage systems
  • Sump pumps
  • Replacement egress windows
  • Window wells
  • Mold treatment
  • Dehumidifiers

Crawl space repair & encapsulation services in Andover

Do you have a musty, wet, and humid crawl space in your home or building? Don’t deal with the mess on your own. Contact the crawl space encapsulation and repair professionals at Thrasher Foundation Repair! We provide a suite of crawl space solutions designed to create a drier, more secure area, including a moisture-proof vapor barrier, crawl space doors, crawl space support jacks, and more.

Concrete repair & concrete leveling experts in Andover

If you’re tired of sinking, cracked driveways, pool decks, sidewalks, or other concrete slabs around your property, contact the concrete repair professionals at Thrasher Foundation Repair. We offer simple, innovative solutions that are far superior to the standard mudjacking or concrete replacement. Our cracked concrete repair, concrete leveling, and concrete sealing systems install with no mess and no stress. Plus, they are quick to cure, so you can use your slabs soon after installation.

Never worry about UV rays, debris, gas, water, or other liquids ruining your slabs. Our solutions are incredibly durable and address the underlying cause of concrete damage, meaning you get lasting results that save you money!

Schedule a free concrete repair estimate to learn more. We proudly serve Andover and the surrounding areas.

Our concrete repair solutions:

  • PolyLevel®® concrete leveling
  • NexusPro™ cracked concrete repair
  • SealantPro™ concrete sealing
  • Commercial concrete repairs
  • Driveway repairs
  • Pool deck leveling
  • Sidewalk repairs
  • Step repairs

Your Local Gutter Installation and Repair Experts

If you’ve got leaky, clogged, overflowing, hanging, or pulling-away gutters, then it’s time to call Thrasher Foundation Repair. We’re your local gutter installation, gutter replacement, and gutter cleaning experts, offering a suite of gutter technologies that can serve your home’s every need.

Traditional gutters are open and exposed to the elements. Seams between aluminum gutter pieces can catch traveling debris, creating clogs of leaves, twigs, and all manner of falling materials. Clogs affect the performance of your gutter system, causing overflows and improper drainage that can pose a danger to both your roof and foundation.

Our gutter systems are customized to fit the exact needs of specific homes. We install seamless, durable aluminum gutters with flow-reducing perforated hoods, six-inch drainage troughs, and a slew of technologies guaranteed to perform at the highest level. Our expert gutter installers have decades of experience in the field, leveraging a deep pool of knowledge to give your home the best gutters in the industry.

We offer no-cost, no-obligation estimates in Andover. Our experts are standing by - give us a call today!

Gutter Problems We Fix:

  • Leaking gutters
  • Clogging gutters
  • Gutters pulling away from your home
  • Rusted, aging, generally decaying gutter systems
  • Downspout flooding

Our Gutter Products & Solutions:

  • Seamless aluminum gutters
  • Gutter guards
  • Downspouts and downspout extensions
  • Custom-designed gutter systems

The Thrasher Difference.

No matter the job - we aren't going to feel good about the hard work we've done until you're happy. So we'll do it right or make it right. That's the Thrasher promise.

For the last 45 years in the basement and foundation repair industry, we've focused on the value of doing whatever it takes to get the job done and "wow" our customers every step of the way.

Explore The Thrasher Difference

Before and After Pictures from Andover
Set Concrete Repaired with PolyLevel and NexusPro in Andover, KS

Set Concrete Repaired with PolyLevel and NexusPro in Andover, KS

Before After
Set Concrete Repaired with PolyLevel and NexusPro in Andover, KS Set Concrete Repaired with PolyLevel and NexusPro in Andover, KS

Carrie S. hated that her driveway had created a nasty bump due to settling concrete. She had to drive her car each time over the bump and was looking for a driveway repair solution that didn’t require replacing the whole driveway or have mismatching pieces of concrete. She saw a Thrasher advertisement and decided to give us a call.

System Design Specialist Austin Ure went out to the home to see what we could do to fix the problem. We were able to stabilize the concrete by using PolyLevel and NexusPro to lift the concrete back up flush to the garage. Carrie was not only impressed with the work, but the crew that came out to her home was friendly, professional and completed the project on time!

Gutter Replacement in Andover, KS

Gutter Replacement in Andover, KS

Before After
Gutter Replacement in Andover, KS Gutter Replacement in Andover, KS

Charity H. is a homeowner in Andover, KS and was fed up with water seeping into her basement every time it rained. She became concerned with the damage water could cause on the foundation of her home. Needing a permanent and quality solution, she gave Thrasher a call.

 System Design Specialist Robert Griffin arrived at the scene to perform and inspection on the home. After investigating the exterior of the house, it was obvious the size and quality of the gutters were the issue. They weren’t large enough to handle the capacity of water needed to prevent them from overflowing and washing out the soil against the foundation. In addition, the downspouts hadn’t been maintained and were also contributing to the erosion of soil every time it rained. To combat this issue, Robert designed a gutter shutter system specifically for this home and buried the downspouts to drain the water effectively. In addition, our team added wide mouth outlets to the downspout for increased flow and prevention of any bottlenecks in the system.

 Charity was thrilled with her new gutter system’s appearance and functionality. She was impressed with our variety of solutions and dedication to her well-being. She now has confidence that her basement will stay dry every time rain is on the forecast.

Concrete Leveling in Andover, KS

Concrete Leveling in Andover, KS

Before After
Concrete Leveling in Andover, KS Concrete Leveling in Andover, KS

Homeowner Ken P. in Andover, KS noticed the concrete leading to his front entryway and back patio had settled over time. The concrete had sunk and began to crack in the deepest areas. Frustrated with the appearance and worried about it becoming a tripping hazard, Ken decided it was time to get it fixed. After receiving bids from other companies, he quickly realized none of them had a reputation quite like Thrasher.

 To begin the project, System Design Specialist Brent Randolph arrived in Andover, KS to fully inspect the concrete areas that were problematic. The customer opted to have the team install our PolyLevel and NexusPro solutions. PolyLevel is a lightweight and strong high-density foam that lifts and levels the concrete permanently. It’s an effective solution because it not only lifts the concrete, but also compacts the soil underneath to ensure the concrete remains stable. Then, the NexusPro is applied to seal all the cracks and joints. It’s a durable solution that prevents moisture from entering long into the future.

Ken was grateful for our quality of work, display of professionalism, and dedication to doing the job right the first time. Ken loves the way his concrete looks and now has confidence in its functionality.

Basement Drainage System in Andover, KS

Basement Drainage System in Andover, KS

Before After
Basement Drainage System in Andover, KS Basement Drainage System in Andover, KS

Stephanie S. is a homeowner in Andover, KS, and was becoming increasingly more frustrated with the water issues in her basement. She had contacted multiple companies for solutions, but none of them were effective or solved the problem. After viewing our reputation and process, she was confident that Thrasher would provide the permanent solution her home needed.

To begin the waterproofing project, our System Design Specialist Brad Painchaud arrived at the home in Andover and performed a full inspection. After discussing possible solutions, Stephanie opted to have Thrasher install our WaterGuard basement drainage system and TripleSafe sump pump to replace the old one. WaterGuard is an interior installation and doesn’t require any excavation of the outside soil. It’s designed to capture the water at the cold joints in the foundation of the home and carry it to the sump pump to be released outside.

Stephanie was thrilled with our waterproofing solutions and to finally have the confidence she needed in her home. After the first few rainstorms and no water issues in the basement, she was thankful that she could rely on Thrasher for a permanent solution.

Recent job requests in Andover, KS

Neighborhood: East Waterview Drive, Andover, 67002

The pad supporting our HVAC Condenser and the concrete pad for our trashcans are both sinking pretty dramatically. Would like a quote to have both repaired.

Neighborhood: E Aster St, Andover, 67002

Sump pump egress was draining underneath slab for air conditioner unit, causing a void/sinking

Neighborhood: W Sandstone Ct, Andover, 67002

The steps in front of my house are pulling away from the patio.

Neighborhood: Andover, 67002

Slow water seepage through basement wall

Neighborhood: Andover, 67002

When we bought our house a structural engineer told us to remove some trees, but he didn't think we needed to do anything else. Maybe place stakes in the ground to prevent movement. Now, about 2 years later, we're seeing some movement and cracks in walls on one side of the house

Neighborhood: E Flint Hills National Pkwy, Andover, 67002

Concrete driveway is sinking below house foundation

Neighborhood: Andover, 67002

Sinking front steps of home

Neighborhood: N Ruger Ct, Andover, 67002

I have noticed some cracks in a few interior walls as well as some concrete settling outside. I know the concrete (driveway and sidewalk) needs repairs done, but not sure if I have other foundation issues that might need repaired. If you provide an inspection to determine possible foundation repairs I would like to set that up in addition to having the driveway looked at & quoted for repair.

Neighborhood: Andover, 67002

I have concrete slab leading to my front door that sank this summer. Looking for a quote to level it. Thanks!

Neighborhood: Andover, 67002

Service: Foundation cracks or sinking

Neighborhood: Andover, 67002

Sinking stairs at front door and backyard, cracks in the driveway and foundation concerns.

Neighborhood: Andover, 67002

Garage looks like it is raised some. Possibly from the fallen driveway?

Neighborhood: Andover, 67002

I have cracks between wall and ceiling

Neighborhood: Andover, 67002

Sinking on sidewalk and driveway. Large gaps between slabs

Neighborhood: South Jamestown Circle, Andover, 67002

The driveway of my home has some sinking and some cracking occurring. 3 slabs, closest to the garage.

Neighborhood: W. Concord Rd, Andover, 67002

Concrete driveway sinking and cracked.

Neighborhood: N Angle Ln, Andover, 67002

Basement wall with bowing and leaking

Neighborhood: Andover, 67002

Neighborhood: S Duffers Ct, Andover, 67002

Driveway is cracking and settling and sidewalk in front steps doing the same. I want to get a quote on repairing those

Neighborhood: E Lakecrest Dr., Andover, 67002

Shifting & cracks in basement walls/doors misaligned
Job Stories From Andover, KS
Concrete Protection in Andover, KS

This homeowner has had concrete work done before, but decided he wanted to be proactive and protect the rest of his driveway. He gave Thrasher a call because he knew he could trust us to give him the best results. System Design Specialist, Carl Ness, came out to meet with him. Carl surveyed the area, and came back to the homeowner with the results. His concrete driveway by his garage had settled back down in a few areas and the caulking had come unbonded. The cause being shrinking and expanding of the soil beneath the drive, along with not enough poly being used when lifting and leveling. Together, they decided the best solution would be use our Concrete Protection System. Polylevel would be used to lift, level, and stabilize the concrete back in place, as well as using NexusPro to seal the joints and cracks. The homeowner loved this solution, so we sent out our installation team. The homeowner was very happy with the results, and there is no doubt they have the peace of mind they were looking for! 

Basement Waterproofing in Andover, KS

In Andover, KS, this homeowner dealt with basement water issues and poor experiences with contractors for years. After discovering Thrasher and our extensive reputation, they gave us a call to provide her a permanent solution and restore her peace of mind.

Thrasher arrived at the home in Andover, KS, and immediately went to work installing our basement waterproofing products. The customer chose to have us install our WaterGuard interior basement drainage system and TripleSafe sump pump to replace the old one. These two products work together to keep the basement dry year-round.

Concrete Leveling in Andover, KS

This homeowner in Andover, KS was frustrated with his concrete’s appearance and potential of becoming a tripping hazard. Over time, the concrete leading up to the front door had settled causing it to sink and even crack in the deepest areas. They had a couple estimates from different companies, but the customer quickly realized none of them have a reputation quite like Thrasher.

 To begin the project, System Design Specialist Brent Randolph inspected the front entryway and discussed possible solutions with the homeowner. He opted to have our PolyLevel and NexusPro solutions installed for a permanent fix. PolyLevel is fast-acting and strong high-density foam that levels and lifts the concrete from its sunken state, permanently. Our team then paired that with the NexusPro sealant to seal all cracks and joints to prevent moisture from entering in the foreseeable future.

 The homeowner was more than satisfied with the final appearance and the professionalism our team displayed. After completing the project, he said he’d highly recommend Thrasher to anybody for all concrete needs.

Gutter Replacement in Andover, KS

This Andover, KS homeowner was tired of water seeping into her basement and concerned with the damage it may cause to her foundation. She made the call to Thrasher, and we had one of our System Design Specialist, Robert Griffin, head out to the property to perform an inspection. After examining the gutter system in place, it was clear they weren’t large enough to handle the capacity of water needed. In addition, the downspouts had not been maintained properly and were washing away the soil against the house.

 In order to solve these issues, Robert designed a gutter shutter system fit for a house that size and buried the downspouts to drain the water effectively. The gutter shutter greatly improved the capacity of water flow preventing any overflow during heavier rains. This new system prevents any bottlenecks throughout the drainage process.

 The customer was more than pleased with the new gutter systems appearance and functionality. She now has confidence that her basement will stay dry, and her house is protected from any rain that comes her way.

Andover, KS Driveway Repaired to Prevent Settling

Carrie S.’s driveway formed a bump due to settling concrete. Each time Carrie would pull into the driveway she would have to drive over the bump and growing tired of it, she decided to give us a call.

We sent System Design Specialist Austin Ure out to Carrie’s home and he was able to come up with a solution that didn’t require Carrie to have to replace any of the concrete. We stabilized and lifted the concrete flush to the garage with PolyLevel and NexusPro. Carrie was impressed with the solution we came up with because it didn’t require new concrete.