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As the most populated county within the Kansas City area, it is no surprise that unforeseeable weather commonly passes through Jackson County, better known as Tornado Alley. Homeowners are prone to extreme weather conditions, which can leave their homes damaged, but also flooding becomes a concern due to the large bodies of water nearby.

Thrasher Foundation Repair is a locally trusted provider of concrete repair in Kansas City, Missouri as well as all the other cities that make up this county. Thrasher is also known for their experience in foundation repair, crawl space repair, and basement waterproofing in Jackson County, MO. They are ready to help put your mind at ease. Contact the experts today to schedule a free estimate on any of our home improvement services.

Testimonials From Jackson County
I was pleased that there would be a solution that could be done rather quickly instead of dragging on for...
Testimonial by Marilyn M. from Independence, MO
We are really happy with the outcome and we looking forward to seeing it stay dry.
Testimonial by Larry and Judy M. from Lee's Summit, MO
I'm so impressed and I can't wait to use my crawlspace for storage instead of it just being a creepy, gross...
Testimonial by Christen B. from Lee's Summit, MO
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Concrete Repair, Foundation Repair & Basement Waterproofing in Jackson County, MO

Thrasher Foundation Repair is a home improvement company that strives to deliver the highest standards in service delivery to homeowners in Jackson County. We understand the value and importance of your home, which is why we assure you that you will feel satisfied and at ease with the work carried out. Whether our installation crews are fulfilling a concrete repair, basement waterproofing, crawl space repair, or foundation repair to fix your home, you will always receive both long-lasting and first-rate results.

Contact Thrasher Foundation Repair to see how we are able to help your home withstand the Jackson County weather elements, and schedule a free service estimate today!

Concrete repair & concrete leveling services we offer in Jackson County

  • PolyLevel®® concrete leveling
  • NexusPro™ cracked concrete repair
  • SealantPro™ concrete sealing
  • Commercial concrete repairs
  • Driveway repairs
  • Pool deck leveling
  • Sidewalk repairs
  • Step repairs

Our cracked concrete repair, concrete leveling, and concrete sealing systems install with no fuss. Schedule a free concrete repair estimate to learn more. We proudly serve Jackson County.

Foundation Repair services we offer in Jackson County:

  • Foundation settlement & sinking
  • Sticking windows & doors
  • Tilting chimneys
  • Tilting & bowing walls
  • Cracked foundation walls & floors
  • Collapsing foundation walls
  • Sagging crawl space
  • Uneven floors

Our foundation repair products:

  • Crawl space support posts
  • Push piers & helical piers
  • Wall anchors
  • Street creep repairs
  • Foundation wall brace & beams
  • Carbon fiber wall straps
  • Foundation settlement repair
  • Foundation crack repair

Schedule a free foundation inspection and service estimate for your home in Jackson County.

Basement Waterproofing services we offer in Jackson County:

  • Interior drainage systems
  • Sump pumps
  • Mold treatment
  • Dehumidifiers
  • And more!

Schedule a free basement waterproofing inspection to learn more. We proudly serve Jackson County.

Crawl Space Repair services we offer in Jackson County:

  • Crawl space vapor barrier
  • Crawl space insulation
  • Crawl space support posts
  • Crawl space dehumidifiers
  • Crawl space sump pumps
  • And more

Schedule a crawl space inspection and free cost estimate today. We provide professional crawl space encapsulation and repair services in Jackson County.

Schedule a free inspection & service estimate in Jackson County

The concrete repair, foundation repair, crawl space repair, and basement waterproofing experts at Thrasher Foundation Repair will provide you with a more secure, drier, and valuable home in Jackson County, Missouri. Schedule a free inspection and service estimate to learn more!

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Case Studies From Jackson County
The new library addition at this elementary school had settled. Foundation piering brought it back to level. The extreme drought that began in the...
Home Exterior Wall Bowed Inwards, Leaking Significantly, Repaired Thrasher recommended and installed a permanent foundation repair solution. This...
Extended drought conditions caused settlement issues. Thrasher's crew completed the project in cold weather conditions, including snow. In late...
A broken water main washed out the soil underneath an area of the foundation of this industrial facility on Front Street in Kansas City. At...
Job Stories From Jackson County, MO
Driveway Leveled in Blue Springs, MO

Longtime homeowner previously had her driveway mudjacked and she started to notice the concrete was settling again. Her neighbor recommended giving us a call.

We were able to identify that the joints were too wide, allowing water to enter and cause the concrete to sink. To level and close the joints we used PolyLevel and NexusPro Joint Sealant.

Basement in Lee's Summit, MO Free of Flooding

Homeowner in Lee’s Summit, MO moved into her home about a 1 ½ years ago. Since the fall she has noticed water coming into the basement and it has been getting worse. After having a bad experience with basement flooding before, she knew she needed a permanent solution and decided to give us a call.

System Design Specialist Tom Studer went out to her home to see what we could do.  Water was coming in from cold joints, under the floor and cracks in the walls. We installed CleanSpace and used NexusPro Crack Repair to prevent any more water from entering the basement.

Sump Pump System Installed In Independence, MO

Homeowner in Independence, MO was experiencing the annoying problem of getting water in his basement. He knew he wanted a sump pump system, but didn't know who to turn to. He ended up getting 5 different quotes to make sure he would hire an expert contractor. He chose Thrasher Foundation Repair. We installed a Triple Safe Sump Pump and Clean Space for half-height of the wall. He is now enjoying a dry basement. 

Sump Pump System Installed In Independence, MO - Photo 1
Waterproofing in Independence, MO

This customer owns the home as a rental property and noticed water coming through multiple walls, impacting the homes functionality. In order to restore the home’s value, he contacted Thrasher to come by and install a waterproofing system.

System Design Specialist, Kenny Stone, arrived at this Independence, MO home to assess the water damage. Kenny then installed a full perimeter waterproofing system with the TripleSafe Sump Pump System, in addition to multiple lateral lines to drain the water underneath the home.

After seeing the result, the customer was more than satisfied and knew this was an investment in the future of the home. He chose Thrasher because of our warranty, and knowledge that our solution was going to keep his rental property maintenance free for years to come.

Home Foundation Repair in Kansas CIty, MO

This Kansas City homeowner has plans to sell her home within the next couple of years, but a portion of her kitchen floor was beginning to sink due to water wash out in the crawl space. In order to maintain the value of her property, she called Thrasher due to our superior product and 25-year warranty on her floors.

 System Design Specialist Ryan Galt visited this Kansas City home and verified that her kitchen floor was sagging. Before remodeling the kitchen to sell the property, the floors needed to be leveled and stabilized. Ryan then installed four of our SmartJack support systems and two beams to permanently solve this issue.

 Aside from being pleased with the tangible results, she was more than happy with the installation crew and our team’s dedication to customer engagement.

Foundation Repair Services in Lee's Summit, MO

This Lee’s Summit, MO homeowner is getting ready to sell her home within the next couple of years. In order to maximize the home’s value, she thought it was best to have the foundation repaired and stabilized due to the foundation settling over time. She made the right choice and called Thrasher because of our reputation, appointment availability, and our ability to provide solutions to all her concerns.

 To begin stabilizing the home’s foundation, System Design Specialist Elliot Moles arrived in Lee’s Summit to inspect the property. From there, the customer opted to have our Supportworks Push Pier System installed to permanently stabilize the foundation. The push piers are made with strong heavy-duty steel that connect to the foundation of the home using a steel bracket. They’re driven deep into the ground to reach the strong soils in order to absorb the weight of the home.

 The customer was very satisfied with the quality of our work and display of professionalism. She is now able to sell her home with peace of mind knowing she has maximized the value.

Basement Waterproofing in Grandview, MO

An elderly couple in Grandview, MO were growing tired of having water in their basement and the cleanup required a lot of work and time. Any time it would rain, water would come into the basement and ruin items they had on the floor and cause a mess. Ready to discuss basement waterproofing solutions, they decided to call Thrasher.

The crew was able to identify that the lack of a sump pump was causing water to stay in the basement and not be able to drain out. We successfully installed a sump and leveled out some of the concrete that was allowing water to collect and enter the basement.

Concrete Repair in Kansas City, MO

This Kansas City, MO homeowner had concerns with the concrete on her front walkway for a long period of time. It had settled over the years causing it to slant downhill and crack in multiple areas. It had gotten to the point where she stopped using the walkway during the winter in fear of slipping on the ice that accumulated there. In order to find a permanent and effective solution, she gave Thrasher a call.

Our team arrived at the home in Kansas City to analyze the problematic walkway. To fix the sunken and broken concrete, the homeowner opted to have us install our 2-Part Concrete Protection System that consists of PolyLevel foam and NexusPro sealer. The PolyLevel foam is installed first to lift and level the settled concrete. NexusPro is then applied to all cracks and joints to prevent any water from infiltrating in the future. The customer was thrilled with the concrete repair solutions Thrasher was able to provide. We were able to make her sidewalks and entryway functional again for her personal use, and visitors.

Concrete Repair in Lee's Summit, MO

This homeowner in Lee’s Summit, MO was concerned with the concrete on her front step becoming a tripping hazard, in addition to its overall appearance. In order to improve the curb appeal of the home and its safety, they gave Thrasher a call to repair their concrete needs.

Thrasher arrived at home in Lee’s Summit, MO and performed a full inspection to determine the best solution. Soil washout had created multiple voids underneath the front step that caused it to settle. The homeowner chose to have our 2-part concrete protection system installed to level and seal the concrete. Our PolyLevel foam was injected first underneath the concrete to lift the front step. Then, NexusPro sealer was applied to all cracks and control joints to prevent any water damage in the future. The homeowner was impressed with the efficiency of the crew and our dedication to providing a quality solution.

Foundation Waterproofing in Kansas City, KS

This homeowner in Kansas City, MO uses their basement primarily for storage, but recently they were having water infiltrating the space. After presenting them the reason behind their basement leakage and the waterproofing solutions we offer, they knew Thrasher was the company for them.

Our teams arrived and determined the water was seeping in through the cold joints of the foundation. The homeowner opted to have us install a combination of our basement waterproofing products. Our WaterGuard interior basement drainage system was installed first to capture the water leaking in through the cold joints. CleanSpace is a waterproof barrier that was applied to the walls to trap any excess moisture, and then a TripleSafe sump pump system was installed to release the water from the home.

Concrete Crack Repair in Lee's Summit, MO

Homeowner Lindsay C. in Lee’s Summit, MO was looking to do some concrete repair. Lindsay noticed a Thrasher truck in his neighborhood and talked with the crew about the work they were doing. After seeing the completed work, he decided to give us a call.

System Design Specialist Bobby Bartow went out to the home. During the inspection, Bobby was able to see that there were a lot of cracks and unprotected control joints. Our crew fixed the concrete with NexusPro Joint Sealant. Lindsay was thrilled with how the concrete looked and couldn’t wait to recommend Thrasher.

Concrete Repair in Kansas City, MO

A homeowner in Kansas City, MO noticed the front stoop had some significant settlement. She decided to call Thrasher to stop the settling from getting worse. Our crew used PolyLevel to lift and level the concrete. Then to close the cracks, we applied NexusPro Joint Sealant.

Waterproofing in Lee's Summit, MO

A long-time homeowner was tired of having a flooded basement in her Lee’s Summit, MO home any time there was heavy rain. It had been happening for quite some time and the basement was no longer completely dry. She decided it was time to call Thrasher.

System Design Specialist Tom Studer went through the inspection and explained to Christine what was going on. He was able to identify that water was coming in through the cold joints. The crew installed a full perimeter WaterGuard in her basement with a lateral line to help direct the water out of her basement. The homeowner was thrilled to finally have a dry basement.

Concrete Fix in Lee's Summit, MO

Longtime homeowners in Lee’s Summit, MO, needed some concrete repair after watching their concrete form cracks over the last couple of years. The Thrasher crew went out to their home and were able to identify that the cracking was from exposed control joints in the driveway and sidewalk. The team used a combination of PolyLevel and Nexus Joint Sealant to level and fill the exposed joints. 

Sagging Floors Fixed in Independence, MO

A homeowner in Independence, MO was looking to put new flooring in, but his current floor was sagging. Before putting in new flooring, he decided to call Thrasher to make sure that the floor was supported. The crew installed SmartJacks to add extra support to the main floor support beam. That also gave the floor the necessary lift it needed to get rid of the sagging. 

Concrete Protection Services in Blue Springs, MO

A homeowner in Blue Springs, MO wanted to protect her brand new driveway. The Thrasher crew went out to her home and was able to install CompressionGuard to give the driveway room for expansion and put SealantPro over the top of the driveway as a protective layer.  

Concrete Deck Repair in Independence, MO

A homeowner in Independence, MO and she needed some concrete repair done on the pool deck. The crew was able to lift and stabilize the failing slabs with PolyLevel and then filled the joints with NexusPro Joint Sealant. The homeowner was thrilled with the final look. 

Walkway repair in Blue Springs, MO

A couple in Blue Springs, MO was getting ready to move to Florida and need to sell their house. The walkway leading to the front door was in bad shape and they wanted to repair it before they put it on the market. They called Thrasher to take a look and suggest a solution.

We ended up installing PolyLevel and NexusPro, our 2-part Concrete Protection System. The job was installed in one afternoon and the customer said that it turned out even better than they expected.

Waterproofing system installed in Independence, MO

Bridget is a homeowner in Independence, MO, and was experiencing water coming into the basement from the cold joints of her finished basement. Water was seeping in along the front of the foundation wall and the bottom of the cement slab area. It was clear that she needed to repair this issue.

She called Thrasher to take a look and we were able to suggest a solution. The paneling was removed and the carpet was pulled back for us to install Waterguard, our waterproofing system that goes around the perimeter of a basement. We also installed a water vapor barrier for the walls and a sump pump. Bridget was pleased with the work.

Full Foundation and Waterproofing Makeover in Kansas City, MO

This homeowner inherited a family home after the passing of a relative. He knew the house was in poor condition and wanted to sell it; however, due to the foundation and flooding problems, he knew that he would not receive the home's full value if he sold it before working on it. He decided to call us because we knew everything that the house needed.

We sent out System Design Specialist Elliot Moles to the home for inspection. Elliot found that there was hydrostatic pressure resulting in wall failure, and the basement had standing water. Knowing that he would need to think outside the box for this home, Elliot came up with a comprehensive plan for him and his team to help support the foundation and waterproof this home. Elliot and his team utilized a full perimeter waterproofing system in the basement, including a new TripleSafe Sump Pump System. The team then went on to tackle the wall failure next. They supported the walls by utilizing PowerBraces and GeoLocks, which are systems that work on the interior and exterior sides of the home to reinstate the house's original position and prevent new collapsing calls.

The homeowner was thankful that we had all the solutions he needed for this home. He looks forward to selling the house at its full value. 

Sump Pit Back Up in Independence, MO

This homeowner noticed that a pipe from a sewer drain was backing up right after he had a new sump pit installed. It wasn't long before the drain backed up and left him with water in his basement. Confused by what was happening with his new sump pit, he called us as we had installed the sump pit.

We sent Service Technician Joe Martinez to inspect the scene and to discover why the drain was backing up. After testing the flow of the drain and confirming the problem, Joe broke open the concrete around the sump and found the end of the pipe from the drain. He determined that the pipes needed more length so that it can drain properly. He extended the pipe from the drain, then he extended the pipe inside of the sump pit.

After the problem was fixed, and the homeowner saw the drain no longer backing up, he was very impressed with our ability to follow up and insure all issues are resolved fully. The repair was quick and easy and the homeowner was very appreciative that we did not leave a job unfinished. 

40 Year Old Concrete Repair in Kansas City, MO

These homeowners were living in their forever home with 40 year old concrete on their driveway. They wanted a solution to get rid of this eyesore. They thought replacing it would be the only option, but then they called Thrasher! One of our System Design Specialists, Thomas Graff, went out to meet with them. Thomas proposed we use PolyLevel to lift and level the concrete, and NexusPro to caulk the joints. He found their expansion joint at the end of the driveway had been sealed overtime, and was causing the issues. In the end, these homeowners were so happy with the results, Thrasher was able to get out there fast, and provide a simpler solution than replacing the whole driveway. There is no doubt that these homeowners are not worried about there driveway anymore! 

Semi Finished Basement Waterproofing Solutions - KCMO

This homeowner was wanting to revamp the basement layout and replace the carpet, but had a nagging leak they thought they had fixed with replacing the driveway. They wanted to be able to remodel the basement with a permanent repair, so they can remodel and know with confidence it will be water tight. They had seen our trucks out and commercials on TV and decided to reach out to set up an appointment. System Design Specialist, Derek Vaksdal, came out to meet with them. After doing the free inspection, Derek found an egress window had been placed in the home at some point in time. The wall had cracked in the corner and was allowing water to come into the basement. The exterior concrete was broken and slanting towards the home. They had the concrete replaced and it was leaking, so he knew that wasn't the issue. He found the root of the problem was the clay bowl effect. This issue refers to the natural consequence of excavating and backfilling when building a foundation. When that soil is removed and backfilled, it leaves an empty space in a bowl like shape. This was a unique situation as the egress window created a weak spot without proper drainage inside, so the water was also stacking up the window itself. Derek proposed we use our WaterGuard and CleanSpace, as well as a TripleSafe sump pump to insure their basement stays dry all the time. Cleanspace is installed on the wall and collects any water coming in through cracks. It is a waterproof, tarp like material, so it prevents mold growth. The water comes down the CleanSpace and into our WaterGuard. This is our drainage channel that is installed on top of the footing of the foundation. The WaterGuard then flows the water into the sump pump, and out of the home at a safe distance. The homeowner loved this idea, and we sent out our installation team and got to work. There is no doubt they are back to remodeling their basement without worries of water getting in. 

Concrete Repair in Grain Valley, MO

After being told his driveway was unable to be repaired this homeowner in Grain Valley, MO had heard about Thrasher from neighbors and wanted to get a second opinion. This customer did not want to have to replace his whole driveway and was devastated about the news he got from the first inspection. He had sinking concrete all over the driveway and cracks leading all the way up to the house making it an unsafe surface to drive or walk on anymore. 

Our crew came out and looked at the concrete and came to the conclusion that we could repair the driveway and save this customer from having to replace the whole surface. We used our PolyLevel foam to fill the massive voids under the concrete and raise the sinking spots back level creating a flat surface again. After the crew got the concrete level again, they then used NexusPro to seal the cracks and joints to stop further cracking and protect the surface from any further damage. 

This customer was beyond happy with the outcome and couldn't thank us enough for helping him save his driveway. 


Foundation Repair in Lee Summit, MO

This homeowner in Lee Summit, MO had an addition to his house with a crawl space. He was wanting to do some remodeling to the room when he noticed a wall leaning and started to realize the door to the room wouldn't shut as easily. When taking a closer look, he noticed some cracks in the drywall and knew he had a problem so decided to call Thrasher. 

Our team came out and did an inspection on the home when we found the crawl space under the room was beginning to settle causing these issues he was noticing. Due to the current drought that was in the area, it was a common problem happening to many homes in his neighborhood. Wanting to give the customer a permanent solution to this problem, our crew used push piers to give the crawl space and foundation more support in the settling areas. When soil conditions are unknown, push piers are the least risky solutions because they are driven all the way to a stable layer of soil. This homeowner can now remodel his addition without the worry of future damages. 

Concrete Repair in Blue Springs, MO

This family had been living in their home since it was built 5 years ago. He noticed voids under the drive while mowing the yard. He saw this was getting worse over the last year. They were afraid it may break if they pulled up on it, so they called on Thrasher to help. They chose us based on the reviews they saw online. System Design Specialist, Brandon Powers, came out to meet with them. Brandon surveyed the area and saw poor soil compaction in the construction process caused a number of voids throughout the concrete in the driveway and front walkway. Brandon came back to the family with these findings and a solution. Brandon proposed we use PolyLevel to fill voids and stabilize the concrete. He also proposed we use NexusPro to seal all joints and cracks throughout. The family loved this solution and we sent out our installation team. There is no doubt they have no more worries of their driveway and have the peace of mind they deserve! 

Concrete Repair in Raytown, MO

A homeowner in Raytown, MO had lived in their home for many years and had no plans on moving anytime soon. Over the years the concrete in the driveway has been cracking and settling in many places. It has gotten to the point where it is difficult to park the car in the garage and is creating bad tripping hazards all over. They decided it was finally time to get it fixed after all these years, so they decided to give Thrasher a call to have us come out for an inspection. 

After the inspection, the team found they had drainage issues and a downspout that was pouring water next to the driveway causing the soil underneath to wash away. The crew used a downspout extension to move the water down further out away from the home to prevent any further washout. Then to repair the concrete our crew decided to use PolyLevel foam to fill the voids under the concrete and raise it back into the original place making the ground level once again. PolyLevel expands under the slab to give the concrete extra support without adding any extra weight to the soil below. 

After the work was completed, our customer can now use their driveway without having to worry about any tripping hazards or difficulty parking their car in the garage. They were grateful for how fast our team was able to work and how great it looked when completed. 

Porch Repair in Denver, CO

This homeowner has a lot of elderly visitors and did not want her walkway and front patio to be a tripping hazards. After seeing commercials and reading reviews online, she knew she could trust us, so she called Thrasher. System Design Specialist, Jeff Schlimm, came out to meet with her. Jeff did his inspection and found her patio was sinking due to washout. This caused the slabs to become uneven over time. Jeff took these findings and came back to the homeowner with a solution. Jeff proposed we use PolyLevel to lift, level, and stabilize the slab, and NexusPro to seal the joints. Both of these products are waterproof, preventing any more washout in the future. The homeowner was very happy with the work and we know she has the peace of mind of her visitors. 

Concrete Repair in Wichita, KS

Trey was experiencing some minor concrete concerns, and did not want to have any tripping hazards arise. He knew of Thrasher and work we do and stand behind, so he gave us a call. System Design Specialist, James Menden, came out to meet with him. James did his inspection, and found they had a bit of settlement on the driveway and areas of the garage. This was being caused by washout, when the dirt beneath the slab washes away from water getting to it. James took these findings and came back to Trey with a solution. James proposed we install PolyLevel to relevel the concrete and stabilize it, and NexusPro to seal all the joints. Both of these products are waterproof, so they help prevent any further washout. Trey loved this solution and we sent out our installation team. There is no doubt they have the peace of mind they need without worrying about any more tripping hazards. 

Driveway and Garage Concrete Repair in Bellevue, NE

These homeowners are planning on moving in a couple years and want to make sure they can get max value out of his home. They also are tired of the "speed bump" when she pulls into the garage. They knew of Thrasher and our reputation, and after we meet with them they knew they liked our professionalism and how we explained the solution. System Design Specialist, Joe Hagerbaumer, came out to meet them. Joe did his inspection and found the concrete settled in front of the garage door and walkway was due to the soil underneath constantly shifting. This was also causing the house to settle. Joe took these findings and went back to the homeowners with a solution. Joe proposed we install our CPS, or Concrete Protection System, to prevent concrete from settling any further and lift, level, and stabilize where it has sunk. They loved this solution and we sent out our installation team. There is no doubt they have the peace of mind and can be ready to put their house on the market when the time comes. 

Driveway Repair in Lees Summit, MO

This family moved into the home 20 years ago and have plans to give this home to their son and family in the future. The driveway was experiencing some sinking, and they knew they needed to get this fix so they could pull his lawn tractor in and out with ease. He knew of Thrasher and our reputation and knowledge, so they gave us a call. System Design Specialist, Zach Ryder, came out to meet with them. Zach did his inspection and saw the driveway slab had sunken below the garage floor slab due to washout. Zach took these findings and went back to the family with a solution. We used PolyLevel to lift and level the driveway back in place with the garage. PolyLevel is a durable, expanding foam that is injected under the concrete to stabilize it and move it back into place. The family loved this solution and we sent out our installation team. There is no doubt they have the peace of mind they need as they pass the home on through generations. 

Wall Deflection Repair in Independence, MO

This family was wanting to use their basement for storage, but was battling a constant issue with water getting in and ruining their things. They had heard of Thrasher and our reputation, so they gave us a call. System Design Specialist, Daryn Britton, came out to meet with them. Daryn did his inspection and found there was deflection in the wall which was causing the water issue. Soil movement and water collection from the outside pushed up against the wall causing the wall to bow in and crack. To help combat this issue, Daryn proposed we use CleanSpace to collect the water getting in from the wall and PowerBraces to stabilize the wall. The family loved this solution and we sent out our installation team. There is no doubt they have peace of mind when storing things in their basement now! 

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