Thrasher Foundation Repair Before & After Photos

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Crawlspace Encapsulation

Make your home healthier and safer with crawl space encapsulation – a smart investment that brings many benefits. Encapsulating your crawl space keeps your space dry and the air inside clean. Keeping you and your family safe from mold, bugs, and potential damage. Plus it'll keep your energy bills down! Check it out in this before and after. 


Gutter Protection in KC

Maintaining gutters is a continuous responsibility. Raindrop offers valuable assistance in safeguarding them from leaves, debris, and preventing ice from freezing within. Check out the difference in this before and after.

Church Wall Bowing Repair

In Seward, NE, a local church had a bowing wall in the basement. They didn't want the issue to get worse as they store items and have meetings in the rooms adjacent to that wall. A few of the members of the church had used Thrasher before, and so they had us out to see how we could help them. System Design Specialist, Joe Dearth, came out, did an inspection, and found there was expansive soil with little access to sunlight that was causing hydrostatic pressure. Eventually, this pressure was strong enough to force the wall inward. 

To solve this issue, Thrasher installed 12 PowerBraces with different brackets to support the floor joists. Once installed, the PowerBraces can be tightened to straighten the wall back out. Check out the before and after of this project! 

Garage Concrete Repair in Omaha, NE

These homeowners were experiencing sinking of their concrete in their garage, which was followed by a big crack. They wanted to get their floor fixed so they could use their garage properly and use it to store their cars again. They called Thrasher and one of our System Design Specialists, Bob, talked through how we could help. To life the concrete back into place, we used out Polylevel foam to lift and level. They then used NexusPro as our caulk to seal the joints and cracks. These homeowners loved the finished product and were so excited they could use it as normal soon after install! 

Crawlspace Repair in Eminence, MO

This crawlspace was experiencing an array of issues. It was extremely damp and had high humidity. This weakened the floor system, allowing it to sag and drop under the weight of the home. We encapsulated the entire crawlspace to fix these issues, making it a controlled environment. We then installed a Sedona dehumidifier to dry out the crawlspace and flooring system and prevent any future mold growth. Then we installed 8 galvanized steel beams and 16 smart jacks to to permanently stabilize the floors and lift them back into place, closing the gaps between the walls and ceiling. 

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