Thrasher Foundation Repair Before & After Photos

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EverBrace Wall System: Alternative to Foundation Replacement

This deteriorating foundation wall was about to collapse due to soil pressure on the other side. But our dedicated Kansas City crew, along with our EverBrace Wall System, not only rescued the wall but saved the entire home. EverBrace, our go-to alternative for foundation replacement, features corrugated steel panels and beams that stabilize foundation walls. The gaps behind the steel are filled with sturdy rigid foam, transferring the load from the deteriorating walls to the new support panels.

Basement Protection with Gutter Guards

This homeowner wanted to prevent water from coming into his basement due to his gutters. One way to solve that is to install RainDrop gutter guards onto your gutters. It's common for basement and foundation flooding to occur when debris is built up in gutters and water isn't being properly redirected. RainDrop ensures that debris buildup won't happen in your gutters, and redirects water away from the home. 

Sump Pump Annual Maintenance

These homeowners want to maintain their home so their kids can sell it when they inherit it one day. We performed annual maintenance on this sump pump by scrubbing out the pit and cleaning all components to ensure another year of flawless performance. 

Gutters Protected with RainDrop

This customer in Lincoln, NE wanted to protect his gutters from getting clogged with leaves and debris. To make this possible, we installed RainDrop gutter guards. RainDrop is the ideal gutter protection because it's self-cleaning and maintenance-free. 

EverBrace Foundation Repair in Emporia, KS

This customer's foundation was close to failure and needed support. we installed EverBraces, which permanently stabilizes failing foundation walls and prevent future damage. The system is designed with features such as zinc-coated steel for corrosion resistance, minimal installation time, easy concealment, and compatibility with basement waterproofing systems. It is suitable for use on fieldstone, clay block, and brick foundation walls.

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