Thrasher Foundation Repair Before & After Photos

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Safety was Restored to this Hazardous Driveway

This homeowner was dealing with a repetitively sinking compression guard, creating a trip hazard. The fix the sinking concrete slabs, we used PolyLevel, an injectable foam, to lift the driveway back to its original position. After the PolyLevel, we re-set the compression guard. 






Cracked Driveway Gets Repaired

This homeowner wanted to avoid replacing their concrete and find a different solution to fix their cracked driveway. After inspection, we determined the best solution would be to use our three part concrete protection system. This protection system includes PolyLevel to lift and level the slab back to its original position, NexusPro to fill in cracks and joints, and then top it off with SealantPro, to seal and prevent further water intrusion.

Sinking Front Steps Are Fixed In Omaha

This homeowner's front steps were sinking and settling into the soil beneath them. Specifically, the spot where the porch meets the steps had a really low dip due to washout and soil erosion. To fix, we drilled pea-size holes and injected PolyLevel, a polyurethane foam, that lifts and levels sunken concrete. We then caulked and sealed the steps to prevent any future water intrusion. 

Sinking Basement Floor Fixed With Concrete Repair

This homeowner wanted to repair the downstairs bedroom so she could host her grandkids. In this bedroom, the concrete floor was sinking about 3" in the center of the room. We were able to lift and level the floor using PolyLevel, a polyurethane foam, so now it no longer feels like the room is sinking.

Lifted Sidewalk in Omaha, NE

These homeowners had a section of their sidewalk that was settling and are concerned people will trip on it or cause issues for bike riders. As a DIY fix, they tried to put mulch beneath the slab and then found out frogs were living under there! To fix, we lifted the settling sidewalk using PolyLevel foam. This foam is injected through tiny, pea-sized holes in the slab and is able to lift and stabilize most concrete slabs.

Total Before & After Sets: 810

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