Thrasher Foundation Repair Before & After Photos

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Discharge System Installation in Colfax, IA

Have a sump pump system but are worried about the pipes freezing in the cold seasons? Our sump pump discharge system, IceGuard, ensures an escape for water should your sump pump discharge pipes freeze or become blocked for any reason. Thrasher, has you protected!

Waterproofing in Colfax, IA

Having water problems in your basement? Our TripleSafe sump pump is the best solution! This system offers the reliability and peace of mind you're looking for to keep your basement dry. 

Extreme Driveway Repair in Buffalo, MO

Chad had been doing plenty of research of how to fix his extremely cracked driveway. Others had told him the only way to fix was to do a complete tear out and redo, but he was hopeful someone out there could do a repair fix for him. He read our online reviews and had full confidence in Thrasher and our ability. Kyle Linback, one of our System Design Specialists, came out to meet with Chad. After the free inspection, Kyle had found the cracking and settling was due to poor soil compaction and washout over the years. There were voids under the concrete that were the cause of sinking and cracking. Kyle proposed we use our PolyLevel foam to lift and level the concrete back into place, and our NexusPro to fill in the joints and cracks. The great thing about PolyLevel is that it is waterproof and environmentally friendly! Chad was extremely happy with the results, as he was not ready to replace his concrete. Just look at the great work our crew did! 

Home in Strafford, MO Sticking doors fixed with foundation SmartJacks.

The Customer was unable to close his bedroom door for nearly a year. He had tried to reframe the door and sand it but to no avail. He was tired of his door sticking and concerned about his sinking home. We used a SmartJack system to level the home's floor and foundation and solve the issue of the sticking bedroom door.  

CleanSpace preventing future crawlspace mold and rot damage in Hermitage, MO.

Chris H loves his home and wants to protect it from mold and rot. He doesn't plan on moving, this is their forever home. He has been worried about the water and moisture potentially causing damage to the crawlspace joists. He's been looking to get this space encapsulated for a while and want the piece of mind knowing there will be no issues in the future. 

We installed CleanSpace to encapsulate the entire crawlspace. By also adding a SmartSump, it will keep the crawlspace dry and will last. Finally, we installed a SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier to lower the humidity levels and eliminating an environment for mold to survive.

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