Thrasher Foundation Repair Before & After Photos

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Silverglow and Cleanspase transform Crawlspace in Higginsville, MO

They had a moisture issue that was leaving a damp musty smell in the house and cold floors. They wanted to control the moisture while helping keep the crawlspace dry

We used clean space to control the soil moisture and silver glow to put in the rim joist to help keep the home's value up and heat trapped inside the house. We also reinstalled a sump pump to help keep water from sitting under the house.

Health Problems from Musty Smells in Higginsville, MO

A homeowner in the Kansas City area called us out because there was a musty smell in her home, causing not only her allergies to get worse, but her partner had started to suffer from the smell. She was quite worried about her partner and her friend had recommended us because we had fixed a similar issue for them.

We sent System Design Specialist Jared Matwich to discuss the problem with the homeowner and determine what solutions could be used to get rid of this musty smell. Jared explored the crawlspace underneath the home and found that the high humidity levels were causing the musty smell throughout the home. Jared called for a team to help him install a CleanSpace Vapor Barrier and a SaniDry Dehumidifier to encapsulate or isolate the crawlspace and regulate the air quality in not only the crawlspace, but the entire home. 

These solutions had a huge impact on the quality of life for the homeowners and their health has improved since we were able to isolate the crawlspace air and regulate the humidity spreading to the whole house. They were super impressed with the crew and the work that was done, and our crew was extremely happy that they were able to help improve the health of these homeowners. Check out the encapsulated crawlspace!

Concrete Repair Contractor in Springfield, MO

Tom is a homeowner in Springfield, MO, who was in need of some concrete repair. Interested in a long-term and permanent solution that would work, he decided to give Thrasher a call. When walking up to the home System Design Specialist Nick Rosenthal noticed that the walking path had become settled and uneven as well as the back patio. The crew started with installing CompressionGuard, lifting the sunken areas with PolyLevel, and then filling the voids with NexusPro Joint Sealant. Tom was pleased with the results. 

Concrete Repair in Springfield, MO

Jean is a homeowner in Springfield, MO that was struggling with her concrete. She previously had the area mud jacked but, it started to settle again. Looking for a long-term solution, System Design Specialist Nick Rosenthal went out to her home, three sections of the driveway sank. We started with installing a CompressionGuard that would help give the driveway room for expansion. Then the crew used PolyLevel to raise the slabs back up to level, sealed the joints with NexusPro Joint Sealant, and sealed the surface with SealantPro. 

Sidewalk repair in Springfield, MO

This home had nasty tripping hazards on the sidewalk alongside the house. The homeowners wanted to repair this to maintain the property value of the house. 

We used PolyLevel to lift and level the sidewalk concrete and NexusPro to seal all the joints and cracks after lifting. It was a difficult lift on the sidewalk and it turned out great.

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