Thrasher Foundation Repair Before & After Photos

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DecoShield Pool Prep

This homeowner in Omaha, NE wanted to clean up the concrete surrounding their pool. Our team applied DecoShied, a translucent tinted concrete sealer to the concrete slabs. In addition to making the area look beautiful, DecoShield helps prevent pitting, flaking, cracking, and other moisture-related issues!

Gutter Guard Installation in Council Bluffs, IA

This homeowner in Council Bluffs, IA wanted to get RainDrop gutter guards installed on her gutters to stop them from getting clogged. Clogged gutters can be damaging to your home, and they're just a pain to clean. RainDrop erases these problems since they're self-cleaning and maintenance-free. 

12 Push Piers in Seward, NE

This home in Seward, NE was having some major foundation problems. Team Leader, Mike, and his crew installed 12 push piers to the side of this home. Push pier systems utilize high-strength round steel tube sections and a load transfer bracket to stabilize and lift sinking or settling foundations, which is what happened at this house. 



Driveway Sealant Protection

This customer had a few slabs that had settled and had taken the front step down about 3/4 of an inch. This created a cracked caulk line that he didn't like. He thought that it had also created a crack down a column by the side of the porch but that had been caused by age and weather. 

We fixed the crack at the step by using Polylevel to bring the slab that holds the step back up, we also used Nexus Pro to fill all the cracks and control joints in the driveway. 

Concrete Driveway Repair Results

This customer's entire driveway had become cracked and uneven, with a noticeable drop in front of the garage due to years of wear and tear. Big cracks had formed all over. To fix this, we used PolyLevel to level out and lift the driveway. We used NexusPro to fill in the cracks and joints of the driveway and then applied SealantPro to protect the surface.

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