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Crawl Space Repair in Springfield, MO

In Springfield, MO, this couple was experiencing large amounts of moisture on their interior walls and becoming concerned it would lead to deterioration and mold growth. Seeking a permanent solution, they gave us at Thrasher a call for a full inspection and industry-leading solution. 

Our crew arrived in Springfield, MO, and began the crawl space encapsulation project. We lined the entire space with our CleanSpace moisture barrier and installed our Sedona SaniDry dehumidifier to assist in ridding the environment of humidity. 

It was rewarding to restore the couple's peace of mind and help them live a better life in a safer home atmosphere. They couldn't have been more pleased with our and their overall Thrasher experience. 

Rental Property Crawlspace Fixed in Springfield, MO

These long-term rental property owners had just purchased a new property in Springfield, MO. They wanted to have everything checked out before they rented it out as a single family home. They heard of Thrasher helping with multiple home problems regarding crawlspaces and foundation repair, so they gave us a call. 

We sent System Design Specialist Nick Tiberghien to inspect the home's crawlspace and foundation to ensure that everything was safe for a family to rent this property. Nick found that the older property had significant sagging floors on the main level of the home as well as high relative humidity in the crawlspace. Upon further inspection, Nick found that the floors were sagging due to the distance between floor supports. The floor supports were too far apart and the high humidity in the crawl space had worn down the supports so that they could not properly hold the crawlspace.

After calling the rental property owners and discussing what was going on with the crawlspace and floors of their property, they wanted to get this fixed quickly. Our team got to work on adding 2 SmartJacks underneath the floor support beam as well as a 12-foot supplemental support beam to lift the floor back to be level. After this, they encapsulated the crawlspace using Drainage Matting and CleanSpace to ensure that the high humidity would not weaken the support beam any longer.

The rental property owners were very happy with the work that was done, and they can't wait to start renovating and renting out this property. Check out their crawlspace solutions!

Flaking Concrete Protected in Springfield, MO

Saving money in the long run and preventing further damage was this homeowners reasoning for calling us. She had struggled with her driveway pitting and flaking for years, and she didn't want this problem to keep getting worse. After having checked on our review and checking our status with the Better Business Bureau, she knew that we would be a great fit for her home's needs.

Our System Design Specialist Nick Tiberghien arrived at her home to discuss her driveway problems and take a deeper look into what was causing the problems. Upon inspection, Nick found that there were a few different problems with the driveway. The first problem was that the pitting and flaking of the driveway was causing a look of deteriorating or falling apart, when in fact the concrete was still structured well. The next problem Nick discovered was that there was a portion of concrete that sunk a couple of inches due to water washing to soil out from underneath the concrete. This issue was difficult because it meant that the concrete would need to be lifted before it could be protected.

Nick discussed options to fix these problems which include lifting and sealing the surface of the concrete. The homeowner liked these solutions very much, so she scheduled an installation appointment for the next week. The installation crew that came out to her home got to work quickly by first lifting the sunken concrete slab using PolyLevel foam. After that, the crew power-washed the entire surface of the concrete to ensure that nothing would break the sealant they wanted to use. Finally, after the driveway was leveled and cleaned, the crew used SealantPro to seal the entire surface of the driveway to protect it from further pitting or flaking. 

The homeowner was extremely happy with the results. She said that the driveway looks so much cleaner than when we started with her, and she was very thankful that her concrete was protected. Check out the huge concrete transformation!

Sagging Floors Solved in Springfield, MO

These homeowners recently moved into their new home. After being at the home for a couple of months, they noticed some cracks starting in the walls as well as the floor started sagging. They were concerned about maintaining the property value of their home, and they decided that it needed to be fixed. One of their family members had recommended our services a few months ago after they had some work done, so these homeowners decided to give us a call.

We sent System Design Specialist Nick Tiberghien to inspect the floor and wall problem, determine why this was happening, and give a comprehensive solution that would solve these homeowners problems. Nick found that the sagging floors were happening due to a support column sinking directly underneath the home; He also found that the problems were getting worse overtime because there was high humidity in the home's crawlspace which was weakening the support column. After discussing this with the homeowners, Nick reassured them that the floors could be fixed and that one of our installation teams could be there soon to help. When the homeowner's appointment time came around, our installation team came in with our SmartJack System which is used to stabilize and raise the floors up.

The homeowners were so excited to have the installation team fix their floor problem. They said that the floors look and feel a lot better. Check out these homeowner's newly supported support beam in their crawlspace!

Wet and Moldy Basement Fixed in Springfield, MO

This rental property owner was between tenants moving so he decided to check out his units and determine if there were any issues that he could fix before the new tenants moved in. He found that the basement was unusable because of water damage and this would effect the rent he could charge for one of his units, so he decided to give us a call to see what solutions we could offer that would help increase the value of his rental property.

We sent System Design Specialist Austin Harris to inspect the basement of this unit, determine what the damage was from water, and design a custom solution that would fix the water issue in this rental property. Austin found that water was getting into the basement during heavy rains from the cold joints of the walls and floors. He also found that there was a high humidity level in the basement causing mold growth and truly making the basement an unlivable space. He discussed this problem with the property owner and they property owner decided that he needed to fix this problem as soon as possible. One of our installation teams quickly came to the property ready to fix the problem, utilizing a full perimeter WaterGuard Interior Drainage System, a full height CleanSpace Vapor Barrier, and a trench drain in front of the garage. These solutions not only waterproofed the basement, but they also sealed off humidity from growing mold in this space by encapsulating it.

The rental property owner was very pleased with the work that was done, stating that the project exceeded his expectations. Check out the newly installed waterproofing and encapsulating solutions!

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