Thrasher Foundation Repair Before & After Photos

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Driveway Repair in Springfield, MO

Joanne W. is a homeowner in Springfield, MO, and has dealt with a damaged driveway for years. Over time, it continued to worsen through the changes in seasons, so she decided it was finally time to have it professionally repaired. She wasn’t familiar with Thrasher, but she gave us a call and our System Design Specialist, Zak Kruse, visited the home to explain our process and concrete repair solutions. From there, Joanne was sure that Thrasher was the company to restore her cracked and sunken driveway.

Thrasher crews arrived at the home in Springfield, MO, and began installing our 2-part concrete protection system that consists of PolyLevel and NexusPro products. PolyLevel was installed first by injecting the concrete lifting foam underneath to permanently level and stabilize the sunken slabs. The crew then applied NexusPro sealer to all cracks and control joints to prevent any water from breaching the surface far into the future.

Joanne couldn’t have been more impressed with her Thrasher experience and our products' effect on her driveway. It was a problem that had bothered her for years, and we were fortunate to be the company to restore her peace of mind.

Slopping Floor Fix in Springfield, MO

Elaine is a homeowner in Springfield, MO, and was getting ready to start remodeling her kitchen. Before starting the project, she wanted to address the sloping floors. System Design Specialist Nick Rosenthal was able to see that there was space between a foundation wall and the main beam. The crew installed Smart Jacks and a supplemental beam to fix the slopping floor. Elaine was thrilled to know her floors were properly supported.

Crawlspace Repair in Springfield, MO

This home in Springfield, MO was purchased for renovation and repair to be sold in the future.  The buyer noticed that the floor was sagging and the wood posts below were beginning to rot.


We sent out System Design Specialist, Justice, to provide a free, same-day estimate. We determined that installing our Smart Jack system would level the floor above and provide stability to the home.  This leaves a sturdy, permanent fix that actually addresses the issues that caused the floors above the crawl space to sag in the first place.

Crawl Space Repair in Springfield, MO

In Springfield, MO, this couple was experiencing large amounts of moisture on their interior walls and becoming concerned it would lead to deterioration and mold growth. Seeking a permanent solution, they gave us at Thrasher a call for a full inspection and industry-leading solution. 

Our crew arrived in Springfield, MO, and began the crawl space encapsulation project. We lined the entire space with our CleanSpace moisture barrier and installed our Sedona SaniDry dehumidifier to assist in ridding the environment of humidity. 

It was rewarding to restore the couple's peace of mind and help them live a better life in a safer home atmosphere. They couldn't have been more pleased with our and their overall Thrasher experience. 

Rental Property Crawlspace Fixed in Springfield, MO

These long-term rental property owners had just purchased a new property in Springfield, MO. They wanted to have everything checked out before they rented it out as a single family home. They heard of Thrasher helping with multiple home problems regarding crawlspaces and foundation repair, so they gave us a call. 

We sent System Design Specialist Nick Tiberghien to inspect the home's crawlspace and foundation to ensure that everything was safe for a family to rent this property. Nick found that the older property had significant sagging floors on the main level of the home as well as high relative humidity in the crawlspace. Upon further inspection, Nick found that the floors were sagging due to the distance between floor supports. The floor supports were too far apart and the high humidity in the crawl space had worn down the supports so that they could not properly hold the crawlspace.

After calling the rental property owners and discussing what was going on with the crawlspace and floors of their property, they wanted to get this fixed quickly. Our team got to work on adding 2 SmartJacks underneath the floor support beam as well as a 12-foot supplemental support beam to lift the floor back to be level. After this, they encapsulated the crawlspace using Drainage Matting and CleanSpace to ensure that the high humidity would not weaken the support beam any longer.

The rental property owners were very happy with the work that was done, and they can't wait to start renovating and renting out this property. Check out their crawlspace solutions!

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