Basement Waterproofing & Drainage Before & After Photos

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Crawl space Repair in Aurora, MO

Our customer in Aurora, MO was noticing high humidity levels in their crawlspace and needed to get the problem solved before they got mold or any other structural issues began to happen. They called Thrasher to come out and help them with the problem and determine the cause and our solutions. 

After Inspection, the team noticed the sump pump they had installed previously was barely working and not collecting any water causing the high humidity in the crawl space. The crew removed the old pump and properly installed our TripleSafe sump pump in the space. The TripleSafe sump pump is composed of three separate pumps protecting the space from water and safely flowing it away from the crawl space, solving humidity issues, and protecting the home from future potential damages. 

Wet Basement Repair in Goldfield, IA

In Goldfield, IA, these homeowners had dealt with water issues in their basement for a long time. This has required them to periodically move the contents of the bedroom and living room to a dry space. Familiar with our reputation, they didn’t hesitate to give us a call to install a basement waterproofing system.

Our crews arrived and installed our full waterproofing system that consists of our WaterGuard interior drainage system, CleanSpace waterproof barrier, and TripleSafe sump pump system to guarantee all the captured water is pumped away from the house. They couldn’t have been more pleased with their Thrasher experience and to have peace of mind knowing their basement will stay dry.

Basement Waterproofed in Independence, MO

Victor G. owns a home in Independence, MO, and is getting ready to sell. However, he is getting water in his basement and needed to fix that prior to putting the house on the market. 

He called Thrasher Foundation Repair and our experts had the solution for him. We installed WaterGuard waterproofing system around the perimeter of the basement. We also installed a vapor barrier called Clean Space for the full height of the walls. Victor is happy to have his problem solved and excited to be able to put his home on the market.

Prolonged Flooding Problems Fixed in Raytown, MO

These homeowners have lived in their forever home since 1994. They had problems with water getting into their basement, so they thought a new gutter system was needed. After years, they still had this problem of water in their basement. They suspected that there could be cracks in their foundation, however they could not find any when they had it inspected. Unsure of where the water's source was, they called us because of our good reputation.

We sent System Design Specialist Tom Studer to assess what was causing this water to flood into the homeowners' basement. Tom found that water was not from foundation cracks, but cracks in the walls and thought the cold joints. The homeowners' basement needed a permanent solution, so Tom and his team got to work to install our WaterGuard Interior Drainage System, our CleanSpace Basement Wall Vapor Barrier, and a TripleSafe Sump Pump System.

With these installations, the homeowners no longer have to worry about the water in their basement happening repeatedly. the homeowners were very happy with their dry basement and they are excited to start using it without worry. Check out their basement transformation!

Basement Waterproofing with CleanSpace

We waterproofed this basement in Kansas City, MO using the CleanSpace vapor barrier! Here are all of the benefits of having CleanSpace installed in your basement or crawl space:

1. Reduces Moisture and humidity

2. Helps to keep cool drafts out

3. Extremely durable and can fit many wall and floor dimensions

4. Compatible with other crawl space materials

5. 25-year warranty


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