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Basement Waterproofing and Wall Support

When water soaks into the concrete walls of your basement, the soil around your house expands and pushes against your foundation. This can cause cracks, leaks, and even foundation problems.

We install our CleanSpace vapor barrier, which is mechanically attached to your basement walls and protects them from water damage. For walls that have already moved inward, we use our PowerBrace system to stabilize and straighten them over time.

Don't wait until your basement is flooded to take action.

Basement Flood Solutions

This home had water problems after water problems. First, water was shooting into the basement from a window underneath the home's front step. And on top of that, the discharge line broke and was pooling water in an area where water was discharging out but coming right back in. We installed a vapor barrier, trench drain, and lateral system to fix this issue. 

This Basement Had Water Shooting Out Of The Wall

This customer is selling his home soon and wanted to fix his wet basement issue. After performing an inspection, we found water was shooting in to his basement from a window that was underneath his front stoop. His discharge line broke, and was pooling water in this specific area. This created a recycling effect - the water was discharging out but coming right back in. We were able to fix the problem by installing a vapor barrier, trench drain, and lateral system. 

Waterproofing in Lamoni, IA

With the installation of this CleanSpace basement wall vapor barrier this basement is now dry and protected from any future leakage, this homeowner could have! This innovative product will provide protection from mold growth while giving your basement a clean appearance. 

Waterproofing in Lamoni, IA

Preventing leaks and mold is essential for any basement. Given the naturally damp environment of a basement, installing our CleanSpace vapor barrier on a wall is essential for protecting the room. Check out the transformation this basement got!


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