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Waterproofing Solutions in Topeka, KS

Jimmy had water coming in through the cold joints of his basement, causing mold and anxiety about his home. Cold joints are where the footing of your home, meets the foundation walls. Through time, the soil outside of the home begins to crack and shift, which allows water to build up pressure. Once there is too much pressure, there is only one way the water can go, into your basement. After one of our expert team members evaluated the space, they were able to come up with a solution that would keep Jimmy's basement dry, and guarantee he could live stress-free. 


For Jimmy's home, a full perimeter WaterGuard was installed. This is a system that is laid next to the footing of the home, with perforated holes in the back. This allows for any water that comes through the cold joint, to be redirected to a Sump Pump, ultimately pushing the water up and out of the basement. Keeping the entire area dry. 

Basement Water Problems Solved in Council Bluffs, IA

This homeowner was struggling with water in the backside of her home that had been reoccurring for 2-3 years along with rain. She also travels with her husband often, and coming home to water in her basement was always a hassle that she did not want to worry about in the future. After talking with a friend that had used our services, she determined that we would be able to solve all of her water problems quickly for her.

After receiving her call, we sent System Design Specialist Neil Kwiatkowski, and he discussed the problems that she observed, as well as what he inspected, to determine what solutions could help solve the homeowner's water problems. Upon his inspection, Neil found that the water was seeping in through a floor joint and that the window well was not secure, so water would likely start coming through the window soon. He talked to the homeowner after the inspection to compare ideas and their outlook on solutions, and together they determine which solutions would best fit the home. Our installation team installed WaterGuard Interior Drainage System along the back wall, as well as a TripleSafe Sump Pump, a Sanidry Dehumidifier, a Poly Well, and a Well Duct to protect and prevent water and moisture from getting into the basement again.

After the installation process, the homeowner said that the crew had done a great job and that they were very nice people who were excited to help her. The homeowners are now able to travel with the peace of mind that their basement won't flood in every rain. Check out the new TripleSafe Sump Pump Solution in this Before and After!

Basement Water Intrusion in Bellevue, NE

Longtime homeowner Mary Kay G. was having problems with water coming down one of her walls. After having another contractor come to fix the water intrusion with no luck, Mary decided to give us a call.

Service Technician Marlon Marroquin and crew installed WaterGuard around the perimeter of the basement, effectively keeping water out. Then encapsulated the space with CleanSpace so that water would no longer come through the walls. Mary was happy that the water would no longer be a problem.

Wet Basement Solutions - Bellevue, NE

These homeowners are a military family and are stationed in this area. Though they do not know how long they will be staying in this home, they knew they wanted to make sure there are no issues. They found water getting into their basement. They knew of Thrasher reputation, and have heard the great things about us, so they gave us a call. Wes Marshall, System Design Specialist, came out to meet them. Wes saw how the water was coming into the utility room. There was insulation up on the walls, and the homeowners did not want to take it down. Wes got the okay to remove a bit of it, and found mold on the other side. He recommended we use our CleanSpace to act as a barrier between the wall and basement. It is a waterproof, mold prevention tarp like material that is very sturdy. Water can trickle down the other side, keeping out of the basement and sending it into their waterproofing system. The homeowners were very excited with how the room now feels and looks. There is no doubt that they do not need to worry about their water and mold issues anymore! Check out the before and after photos below! 

Natural light added to basement in Plattsmouth, NE

A homeowner in Plattsmouth, NE felt like their basement was very dark and wanted to add some natural light. Instead of installing a full egress window, they decided that some sunlight window wells would do the trick.

Thrasher was able to install a few window wells and also installed a waterproofing system. The homeowner had experienced water in the basement previously and wanted to ensure that it would not happen again. Overall the project was a success and changed the feel of the basement!

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