Foundation Repair Before & After Photos

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Home Foundation Repair in Wymore, NE

Sandra E. is a retired homeowner in Wymore, NE and wants peace of mind moving forward with her home. In addition, she has plans to leave the home to her children and doesn’t want the existing foundation issues to be a problem. Two of her foundation walls were bowing and beginning to fail due to expansive soils. The walls were buckling inward causing a negative slope and allowing water to seep in. Sandra was familiar with our reputation and in order to find a quality permanent solution, she gave us a call.

 To begin the project, System Design Specialist Trevor Stokes arrived to fully inspect the failing foundation and provide a variety of solutions. Sandra opted to have our team install PowerBraces on both walls, and ShotLock on the north wall due to the extreme damage. Our PowerBrace wall support system is designed for bowing walls and with the purpose of permanently stabilizing it in place. Over time, the braces can be tightened to straighten the walls and return them to their vertical position.

 Sandra was very thankful for the solutions our team was able to provide and the communication throughout the duration of the project. Sandra can now retire with confidence that her home is built to stand the test of time.

Basement Foundation Repair in Lincoln, NE

Patricia N. is a proud homeowner in Lincoln, NE and has plans in place of this being here forever home. Thrasher has helped in the past with making this home the one that can stand the test of time by waterproofing the basement. During the annual maintenance, our team always performs a thorough inspection to make sure small problems aren’t going unnoticed, and therefore turning into bigger problems. Upon the inspection, System Design Specialist Wes Marshall noticed two basement walls showing signs of stage-two failure, caused by the soil surrounding the foundation. Fortunately, the problem was spotted in its early stage and Thrasher could provide a solution before it were to get much worse. Without hesitation, Patricia put her trust in Thrasher to give herself a peace of mind, and confidence that it was going to be done right.

 Wes Marshall and his team arrived in Lincoln, NE to begin the project. Patricia opted to have them install our PowerBrace Support System to permanently stop any movement inward from the walls and reverse the damage over time. PowerBrace is a galvanized steel beam that runs the full height of the foundation and then is fastened to the concrete basement floor. It’s then attached to the floor joist using one of our brackets to give it the permanent security it needs. All installation is done internally and saves Patricia the stress of any external excavation.

 Patricia N. was grateful that we were able to spot the failing walls early and provide a variety of solutions for her benefit. She was impressed with the crew’s wealth of knowledge and presentation to help her understand the process. Patricia is now stress-free and happy with her forever home.

Foundation Walls in Garland, NE Stabilized with C-Channels

Homeowner Yvonne L. had some major concern about the foundation walls in her basement. She noticed that the walls started to have major cracking and was worried about the foundation. Looking to maintain her home, she decided to give Thrasher a call.

Service Technician Deryk Heitman went out to Yvonne’s home. He saw that the walls were having major deflection and cracks. We fixed the problems by using C-Channels, which are mainly used on block walls or walls that are broken horizontally, to support the entire wall when necessary. The C-Channels were able to move the wall back into its original position and eliminate the shearing from getting worse. Yvonne was extremely happy with the end result and glad that her walls were now stable.

Home in Staplehurst, NE restored with Carbon Armor, C-Channels, and Triple Safe Sump Pump

Janet P. recently purchased her home and unfortunately discovered water problems with her basement. The problem was the north wall had stair-step cracking. Upon inspection, the Thrasher team found additional issues with the east wall. We stabilized the east wall with Carbon Armor and tackled the north wall problem with c-channel. We also waterproofed the entire basement and installed a Triple Safe Sump Pump.

Sagging Floors and Rotting Joists Repaired in Clay Center, KS

Patricia W. has been worried about the floors in her home for quite some time. She noticed there was serve sagging and anxious that they would collapse. She decided to give us a call.

We sent System Design Specialist Anthony Salcedo out to the home. He was able to identify that there was serve rotting out of the floor joists due to moisture that had occurred.  A carpenter came out and removed the subfloor and repaired the joists prior to install. We were able to support the floor as designed and also encapsulated the crawlspace with CleanSpace.

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