How Much Does Foundation Repair Cost?

How Much Does Foundation Repair Cost?

Are you feeling anxious about the potential costs of foundation repair for your home? You’re not alone! Many homeowners feel overwhelmed when they start looking into foundation repair and its financial implications.

Keep reading to explore foundation repair costs and gain knowledge to make informed decisions about the structural integrity of your home. Let's get started navigating the complexities together, to make sure you can secure both your home and your budget.

Signs you need to repair your foundation

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Before we dive into costs, let's first determine if you even need to repair your foundation. Your house may be trying to tell you about some underlying issues, but it's not speaking our language! We're here to help translate; here are some signs your home may have foundation problems:

Signs of foundation damage are not something to ignore, because they only worsen over time! If you notice any of these red flags in your home, it's time to contact a professional to look at things.

Factors contributing to the cost

Foundation problems may be similar across homes, but each situation is unique and requires a custom solution. That's why providing an exact price or price range upfront isn't easy. Several factors contribute to determining the final estimate.

The extent of the damage. Foundation repairs can range from repairing minor cracks to completely stabilizing a home's foundation. Some homeowners begin repairs far into the crumbling of their foundation, meaning a much more complicated and costly repair process. Remember, foundation problems won't go away on their own, so it's important to get help as soon as possible to cut down on the cost!

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Installing wall beams into a home.

Method used for repairs. There are multiple ways to approach foundation problems, each with its own installation methods, materials, and long-term effectiveness. Quick fixes or DIY aesthetic repairs may hide the problem for a while, but they often lead to greater costs down the road. It's important to think not just about the price but also how the solution will fix your foundation for good.

Exterior and interior finishes. If repairs involve finished spaces like drywalled rooms, landscaping, or concrete, expect additional work to restore these areas once the foundation is stabilized. Many homeowners use this opportunity to update other aspects of their home and make other home improvements.

Size of home. Larger homes usually involve more expensive repairs due to greater material requirements and the complexity of their structures.

Additional costs. Depending on where you live you might need permits, soil tests, or inspections before you start repairs. This is a great question to ask your contractor and see what's required in your area.

Price of not repairing foundation

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Severely crumbling and damaged foundation walls.

Escalating damage. Small cracks may be harmless now, but they can turn into major issues, resulting in complicated and expensive repairs.

Decreased property value. Picture this: potential buyers are excited to check out your home and move in, only to discover it has foundation issues. Cue the disappointment and lower offers! Taking care of these problems early saves your home's value. These repairs also pass on peace of mind (and many times transferrable warranties) to the next owners.

Safety risk. Structural issues can impose severe safety risks, from collapsing walls in extreme cases to water damage that affects air quality and promotes mold growth.

Peace of mind. Repairing your foundation restores both your home's structure and your peace of mind. You'll sleep better knowing your home is safe and stable, rather than worrying about potential problems brewing underground.

Getting a cost estimate

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Foundation repair specialist examining a home.

Navigating the cost of these repairs can feel overwhelming, but contacting a professional is a key step in learning more. Many contractors, including us, offer free estimates to provide you with solutions custom to your home. Here's what to expect as you get ready for your estimate:

  1. Thorough examination. The foundation repair specialist will look around the interior and exterior of your home for signs of structural damage, like those mentioned above. They will likely take measurements and notes to help determine the best solution for your home. Depending on how serious things are, this part takes about an hour.
  2. Discuss findings. The specialist will walk you through what they've found, explain the causes, and educate you on the extent of your damage.
  3. Customized solutions. You will learn what customized solutions are available for your home. There may be a few options offered to fix your structural problems, and the specialist will help you navigate what would work best for you.
  4. Cost estimate. After considering all factors influencing repair costs, you will receive a cost estimate. This will break down the potential expenses of repairing your home.
  5. Questions and clarifications. This is a great time to get some more details and ask any questions - whether they are about your home's condition, the solutions, or the foundation repair company. Later we will share some good questions you can ask to make sure you are with a reputable company.
  6. Written proposal You can expect a written proposal summing up what they found, recommended solutions, the price tag, and any guarantees or terms. Take your time reading through this document to make sure everything meets your expectations before deciding to proceed.

Remember, there's no harm in getting an estimate from a professional. At Thrasher, we provide no-obligation estimates. We won't pressure you to proceed with repairs, but we're here to ensure your family and home stay safe by keeping you informed about your home's condition.

Choosing a trusted contractor

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Homeowner and specialist discussing details at the end of an estimate.

Foundation repair is an investment in your home's value, it's important to choose someone to fix your problems who you can trust to do the job right. Here are some questions to ask potential contractors to ensure they are a reliable hire and true professionals:

  • How long has your company been around?
  • Are you Better Business Bureau accredited?
  • On average, how long does it take your company to finish these kinds of projects?
  • What kind of training do you provide for your employees?
  • What kind of warranties do you offer?
  • Is the estimate the true final cost, or are there possible add-ons or line items to account for unforeseeable expenses?
  • How long is the estimate good for?
  • How soon can you begin work?

We're here to help!

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If you're in our service area and need foundation repair, we'd love to help! At Thrasher, we have nearly 50 years of foundation repair experience. We're not only accredited by the Better Business Bureau but have received multiple awards for our exceptional service. We are dedicated to positively impacting homeowners' lives by providing compassionate service, and expert solutions, and ensuring your home is safe.

Each house is so different and unique, so it would be irresponsible for us to provide a straightforward price answer. We understand this is frustrating, but trust us, we'd provide one if we could! Instead, scheduling a free inspection can give you expert insights into your home and repair costs. You'll receive a no-obligation written quote to get started on solving your foundation problems!


Get a Free Estimate

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