Basement Waterproofing & Drainage Before & After Photos

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Waterproofing in Indianola, IA

This customer was experiencing water leakage in their basement causing them major problems. Our team installed our TripleSafe sump pump to help solve their water problems. The TripleSafe assures protection from all three problems by taking a proactive approach and setting your basement up for success!

CleanSpace Installation in Des Moines, IA

Upgrade your basement walls with our mold-resistant, attractive vapor barrier! CleanSpace is a great way to prevent humidity from making its way through your concrete walls and into your basement. 

Basement and Foundation Repair Fixed This Home

This customer wanted to make their home safer so their family can live in the home for another 10 years. When we inspected, we found the house was taking on a lot of water due to the clay bowl effect. This was causing water to come inside and push their walls in, causing their home to sink. It also created gaps in the rim joists, allowing air to come in. Not only were they experiencing a wet basement, but their air quality and the structural integrity of their home were also being affected.

There are a multitude of issues going on in this home, which requires a lot of solutions. The first thing we did was install our EverBrace Wall System to help permanently support their walls and prevent them from caving in. Next, we installed a product called SilverGlow. This will help insulate and fix the gaps in the rim joists. We also installed a dehumidifier to regulate the moisture and improve the air quality. Next up, we waterproofed the basement, which is what you can see in the images above. We installed a interior drainage system to direct water to a sump pump, buried the downspouts, and installed a vapor barrier. 

No More Humidity with CleanSpace

Control water drainage and humidity in your basement with CleanSpace. 

Prevent Moisture in the Basement with CleanSpace

Wet basements cause health, safety, and home resale problems. Luckily, it can be transformed with CleanSpace encapsulation system. It's a durable, plastic liner designed to permanently prevent moisture in your home.

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