Basement Waterproofing & Drainage Before & After Photos

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Wet Basement Repair in Olathe, KS

Stephen P. is a homeowner in Olathe, KS, and has been battling water issues in the basement for the past year. Actively looking for a new home that suits his family better, Stephen knew he would have to have the wet basement repaired to increase its value. After researching possible contractors, Stephen immediately chose Thrasher because of our reputation and plethora of reviews. 

Our crews arrived at the home in Olathe and installed our ultimate waterproofing system that consists of our WaterGuard interior french drain installed around the perimeter of the walls, a CleanSpace waterproof barrier applied to the full height of the walls, and a TripleSafe sump pump system to excavate all the captured moisture. 

Basement Waterproofing in Pocahontas, IA

Steve B. is a homeowner in Pocahontas, IA and decided he wanted to finish his basement. However, he has been dealing with water in his basement for several years and needed to have it taken care of first. Steve was very familiar with our reputation and knew that we have a warranty in place that we stand behind. He chose Thrasher because we always take care of our customers and provide a permanent solution.

 To begin the project, System Design Specialist Zak Kephart arrived in Pocahontas, IA to perform a thorough inspection of the water damage. It was determined the water was coming in through the cold joints every time it rained, but only in a few areas. To fix the problem, our team installed WaterGuard around the perimeter for drainage and CleanSpace to capture any water seeping through the walls. These two products combined provide a permanent waterproofing solution.

 Steve was more than pleased with the quality and efficiency of the work the crew did. He can now remodel his basement with confidence it’s built for the test of time.

Basement Waterproofing in Atlantic, IA

In Atlantic, IA, Eileen J. was eager to have the water problems in her basement solved. Her basement was finished, but the continuous water intrusion was creating a mud build-up and ruining the space. Looking for a permanent solution, she contacted Thrasher for a full inspection and demonstration of our products. 

Our System Design Specialist Tony Taylor determined the water was seeping in through the cold joints and flooding the basement. She opted to have our crews install our full perimeter WaterGuard interior drainage system and CleanSpace waterproof barrier to collect all water and direct it away from the foundation. 

Eileen was impressed with our solutions and dedication to quality repairs. These are the projects that remind us of why we do what we do, to restore our customer's peace of mind and improve their lives.  

Waterproofing in Valley Falls, KS

This homeowner loved to throw parties for friends and family. She was noticing her basement was becoming an issue. She was getting water in, cobwebs forming, and she was finding lots of bugs. She knew she would not be able to host if she did not fix it. She had heard great things about Thrasher and trusted we could give her the best solution. Neil Kwiatkowski, System Design Specialist, came out to meet with her. Together they decided to install CleanSpace to catch water from the wall and act as a barrier, WaterGuard our drainage channel that flows water to the sump pump, our TripleSafe sump pump to discharge water out of the home, and our dehumidifier to lower humidity levels. Check out the before and afters of this project! There is no doubt this homeowner is back to hosting her family and friends parties! 

Installation of Egress Window adds Bedroom in Holstein, IA

Julie and Ed R. were moving into their home and wanted a homier feel in the basement. They were looking to add an egress window in their basement for more space and a bedroom. They have had Thrasher do previous work and decided to have us come out to install an egress window.

Service Technician Matthew George went out to the home. He was able to help Julie and Ed identify the spot for the window and the team successfully installed the egress window. Not only making the space safer but letting in more natural light.  Julie and Ed were thrilled with the addition of the window and the constant communication they received from the team.

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