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Basement Waterproofed in Independence, MO

Victor G. owns a home in Independence, MO, and is getting ready to sell. However, he is getting water in his basement and needed to fix that prior to putting the house on the market. 

He called Thrasher Foundation Repair and our experts had the solution for him. We installed WaterGuard waterproofing system around the perimeter of the basement. We also installed a vapor barrier called Clean Space for the full height of the walls. Victor is happy to have his problem solved and excited to be able to put his home on the market.

Prolonged Flooding Problems Fixed in Raytown, MO

These homeowners have lived in their forever home since 1994. They had problems with water getting into their basement, so they thought a new gutter system was needed. After years, they still had this problem of water in their basement. They suspected that there could be cracks in their foundation, however they could not find any when they had it inspected. Unsure of where the water's source was, they called us because of our good reputation.

We sent System Design Specialist Tom Studer to assess what was causing this water to flood into the homeowners' basement. Tom found that water was not from foundation cracks, but cracks in the walls and thought the cold joints. The homeowners' basement needed a permanent solution, so Tom and his team got to work to install our WaterGuard Interior Drainage System, our CleanSpace Basement Wall Vapor Barrier, and a TripleSafe Sump Pump System.

With these installations, the homeowners no longer have to worry about the water in their basement happening repeatedly. the homeowners were very happy with their dry basement and they are excited to start using it without worry. Check out their basement transformation!

Window Water Problem Solved in Maryville, MO

This homeowner wanted to keep water out of her basement, so when he friend recommended us for basement waterproofing, she gave us a call. We sent System Design Specialist Thomas Graff to inspect the home and determine where water was getting into the homeowner's basement. Thomas saw that water was pouring into her basement through her older window wells, causing the majority of the water problem. After discussing full perimeter solutions and window well solutions, the homeowner decided to start off fixing the majority of the problem before pursuing any other solutions, so we called for one of our installation teams to come and install new Poly Wells in her basement to stop water from coming in the basement. The homeowner was very happy to not have to worry any longer when rain came in. Check out the before and after!

Wet Basement Repair in Maryville, MO

Countryside Christian Church in Maryville, MO has been battling water issues in the basement for over a decade. They utilize their basement heavily for classrooms, gatherings, and hosting events. They’ve tried a plethora of solutions, but none have seemed to work. After reviewing our reputation and the variety of services we offer, they gave Thrasher a call to come inspect the basement.

 System Design Specialist Nico Lemmers arrived at the church in Maryville to perform a thorough inspection of the property. Jim D. of the church opted to have us install our WaterGuard basement waterproofing system throughout the entire space. In addition, the team installed two lateral drain lines down the middle of the building to prevent any clogging from soils underneath. Lastly, our waterproof plastic barrier CleanSpace was applied to all the walls to prevent any water from seeping through. These two products combined guarantee the basement stays dry year-round.

 After a long struggle with the water issues in the basement, the church community was relieved to have a permanent solution that allows them to move forward. They were more than pleased with the effectiveness of our solutions, and professionalism displayed by the team.

Waterproofing in Shawnee, KS

This homeowner just moved to this area with a job that require traveling. When he was back in town for several days, he noticed water coming into the basement through a few places. He decided to take out some of the drywall to see where the water was coming from, and found there was water all along the wall. He called Thrasher and System Design Specialist, Tom Studer, came out to meet with him. Tom showed the homeowner how the water was coming through the cold joints, where the base footing of the foundation meets the walls. This was allowing the water concentration on the outside of the house to seep in. Tom proposed we use WaterGuard at the cold joint to capture the water coming from the cracks surrounding the footing and the wall, as well as CleanSpace. CleanSpace acts as water vapor to collect any water coming through cracks on the walls. This homeowner was so happy with the final results. There is no doubt he can refinish his basement without worry of water intrusion. 

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